Caitlin Weber


The Bride

Age: 22

Hometown: Saint Paul, MN

Occupation: Healthcare Sales Rep

The Groom

Age: 22

Hometown: Saint Paul, MN

Occupation: Senior Automation Engineer

The Details

Engagement Date: June 7, 2015

Wedding Date: December 31, 2016

Wedding/Reception Location: Radisson Blu - Mall of America

The Ring

John knew I wanted something traditional and timeless, but with a twist. He says he knew the minute he saw it that it was the one: a round solitaire diamond ring with pave diamonds along the shank, set in platinum.

Our Story

John and I both attended Highland Park Senior High School. John was the hockey team captain and I was the dance team captain. As much as I hate to admit it, we were that  couple. We became friends toward the beginning of our sophomore year, but it took a long friendship before we finally pulled the trigger and started dating. We dated through high school and continued dating through college, despite the fact that there were 248 miles separating us. John studied computer science at NDSU and I stayed close to home and studied health care sales at St. Kates. After two years of long distance and countless long car rides to and from Fargo, John accepted a software engineering position in Eden Prairie and we moved in together. After about a year of living together, he decided to pop the question! 

Engagement Story

After more than four years of dating (and quite a bit of nagging on my part), John decided to pop the question. The only condition I had was that he had to tell me that he was proposing before he did. Ask anyone that I know and they will tell you that there is nothing I hate more than surprises.

It was Sunday, June 7, and John was away at a bachelor party for his cousin all weekend. It was the only day I had off all month, so I was really looking forward to sleeping in. John called me and woke me up early in the morning, telling me that he forgot something for the bachelor party and asking if I could go upstairs and get see if it was there. I was cranky and gave him a little 'tude, but went upstairs anyways, where I discovered a small treasure chest with a card in it. He told me to open it, that he loves me and would see me later, and hung up. After calling him back and getting sent straight to voicemail multiple times, I opened the card. Inside was a clue for a treasure hunt. It instructed me to turn my phone off, get ready for the day, and said that my best friend Ellie would be coming to get me.

Ellie arrived soon after and gave me my next clue. It instructed me to go get my nails done. After we were done at the nail salon, the next clue told us to go get something to eat because I was "probably getting hangry by now," according to the clue. After we ate, the next clue instructed us to go shopping and pick out a dress, shoes, and accessories. We ventured to the Mall of America, and once we got everything, the next clue instructed me to go get my hair and makeup done.

After I was all ready, my final clue told me that I didn't get to know where we were going next, but to sit back and enjoy the ride and not to "keep him waiting too long." After a car ride that seemed like an eternity, we ended up at John's family cabin. I got out of the car and there were signs and tiki torches leading the way to the dock, where John was standing in a suit. I (literally!!) ran through the yard and down the dock to him, where he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Of course I screamed "yes!" After a huge hug and quite a few kisses later, our families came out of the cabin cheering. We all popped some champagne and celebrated together.