RAVE Awards Submissions


Submit your RAVE Award submission in three easy steps!

1. Complete the online RAVE Awards Submission form below for each project.

2. Send the following images via zip file, WeTransfer, Dropbox, or similar format to raveawards@mspmag.com by 4:00 pm on Aug 10th.

- Floor Plans

- Site Plan

- Headshot(s) of architect(s)

- Up to six photographs total of the project (please include both interior and exterior).

- One of the six photographs must be in a horizontal format to be used for promotional purposes – please label this photo “cover”.. 

Questions? Email raveawards@mspmag.com

RAVE Categories

New Home, more than 3,500 square feet

New Home, 2,000 - 3,500 square feet

New Home, less than 2,000 square feet

Remodel/Addition, more than 3,500 square feet

Remodel/Addition, 800 - 3,500 square feet

Remodel/Addition, less than 800 square feet



Multi-family housing, loft, or existing family structure

Outbuilding/Detail/Special Project, less than 800 square feet (ex. sauna, pool house, studio, playhouse)

RAVE Awards Eligibility


1. The project can be located anywhere.

2. The project must be designed by a licensed Minnesota architect (including AIA-certified architects as well as ASLA-MN)

3. The project must be designed by a licensed Minnesota architect (including AIA-certified architects).

4. New construction, remodel, or renovation of an existing residence (the transformation must include significant change to the existing dwelling).

5. Construction completed after January 1, 2015.

6. Submissions may include projects that have been featured in other publications or have won previous awards (with the exception of RAVE Awards).

Submission Rules

1. There is no limit to the number of entries an individual or firm submits

2. Project authorship will remain concealed throughout the deliberations of the selection panel, so please keep company and individual names off of photos and descriptions.

3. Cost information does not need to be included, as it will not be published.

4. The project title will be published, so please make the title clear on all required submission materials.

5. Mpls.St.Paul Home & Design Magazine is not responsible for any submitted material that is misplaced or lost. Please make duplicates of all materials submitted.

6. In an effort to showcase excellence, the jury reserves the right not to select a winner in a category if no winning entry is evident.

7. Submissions will be retained by Mpls.St.Paul Home & Design Magazine and may be considered for future editorial opportunities.