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Reach a sales, advertising or marketing contact at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. To purchase a Real Estate preview, contact Jennifer Martone (612-336-9219).

Online Ad-Uploading System
Mpls.St.Paul Magazine's online advertising uploader makes it simple to send digital files to us electronically.  Simply log on to, click on "Upload Ads," and follow the directions.  It's easy, fast, and convenient.  Please note, we can no longer accept large files via our e-mail system. Ads must be sent via the online uploader. If you have questions, please contact

Our Readers

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine's readers consist of highly affluent consumers who are vividly responding to the information and advertising within Mpls.St.Paul Magazine's pages.  They are actively seeking unique experiences, products, information and events that will enhance their lives.  Whether subscribers or newsstand buyers, they purchase the magazine to seek out and enjoy the very best of Twin Cities living.

Newsstand Reader Demographics
Newsstand sales reflect the vitality and marketplace demand for any magazine. Mpls.St.Paul's newsstand sales are a key indicator of its overall significance and perceived value to a highly sought-after consumer.  Of all the choices available to newsstand buyers, Mpls.St.Paul is one they buy time and time again.  In fact, Mpls.St.Paul regularly outsells all monthly regional and national titles.  A survey of newsstand readers revealed just how impressive our newsstand buyers are, a bit younger, just as affluent, and more importantly, just as acquisitive as Mpls.St.Paul subscribers.

Demographics, Market Research, and Influence
The Mpls.St.Paul Magazine reader is a discerning, affluent, and engaged consumer who actively responds to the magazine's editorial and advertising content.

200,000 of our readers agree that they will spend more money for trendy clothes of good quality.

4.8X Our readers are almost 4.8x more likely than the average Twin Citian to purchase fine jewelry.

74,000 of our readers purchase new clothes at the beginning of each season.

71% of our readers make purchases based on quality, rather than price.

91% of our readers frequently purchase products or services from ads seen in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine.

75% of our readers plan to buy women’s apparel in the next 12 months.

*Sources: Nielsen 2018, Ipsos Subscriber Study 2016