Reserve for Dinner

Rodizio Grill

Summer Restaurant Week Menu

Dinner $30

Full Rodizio (including unlimited sides, salads, and grilled meats) plus Bacon Fest Items and a Cheesecake Dessert.

Brazilian Sides:

Our freshly made appetizers are complimentary with your meal and your choices are served in abundance by your server.

Gourmet Salad Bar & Hot Dishes:

Our freshly made salads and hot dishes are self serve.

Help yourself to a fresh plate each time and try unlimited combinations.

(Salad Bar Selection will vary depending on season & availability)

Bacon Fest Items

The Meat and Grilled Items:

Our Gauchos (Meat Servers) will keep coming to your table as long as your meat cue is turned to green. Let us know if you prefer Medium Rare, Medium or Well Done. We cut thin for tenderness and flavor. . . It's the Brazilian way! Proud to offer 100% Gluten-Free Grilled Items




Bacon Fest Items


Vegetables and Fruit:

Dessert (Choose One):