Visual Art

Lydia Faith, "The Fire Dance"

Courtesy of Lydia Faith

This local artist not only creates paintings, but performs live painting at events around the Twin Cities. Read more

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Jim Denomie

Portrait by Molly Miles

The self-described "old-fashioned painter" took his time becoming one of Minnesota’s foremost visual artists. First, he needed to hang some drywall. Read more

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Thomas Patrick Moran Jr., "Aloe Nobilis in a Redwood Box"

Courtesy of Thomas Patrick Moran Jr.

To spread his love of horticulture, this craftsman repurposes boxes out of recycled and scrap wood to make artful containers for cacti and succulents. Read more

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Ben August, "Green Room"

Photograph by Ben August

With a focus on 35mm film, get to know this photographer experimenting with analog processes. Read more

Arts & Culture

Dakota Star Map

Made by Annette Lee, Ojibwe and D(L)akota, and Jim Rock, Sisseton Dakota, 2012

A new exhibit at the Minnesota History Center sets the record straight on our region's Native history. Read more

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Now in its 22nd year, the annual MCAD sale features almost 7,000 pieces from over 400 students and alumni, and is a prime chance to find art at an affordable price. Read more

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This piece is an ode to one of the Earth’s most mysterious, complicated, beautiful, and rich natural environments. Read more

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Isabella García-Pizaño, "Eyes Closed"

Courtesy of Isabella García-Pizaño

“Living in a digital age, we lose access to physical touch and we demand expediency," the photographer says about her medium. "This analog process brings me back to human touch, teaching me patience and surrender.” Read more

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Photo by Rhianna Hajduch

The 21-year-old photographer talks about her passion, finessing her way into a private Virgil Abloh event, and why no matter how many flights she catches, she loves coming home to the Twin Cities. Read more

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Independence Barnes, "Untitled"

Courtesy of Independence Barnes

In the style of Rorschach tests, local artist Independence "Penn" Barnes balances symmetry and variety with his abstract works. Read more

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Jessica Lange

Photograph by Tinseltown/

In her new photobook Highway 61, the iconic Minnesota actress captures the Midwest through her singular lens. Read more

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Savitri Vaughan Mann, "Two Headed Bunny"

Courtesy of Savitri Vaughan Mann

Get to know the artist who finds inspiration in ecosystems and climate change in her work. Read more

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Decades later, the aftermath of the Vietnam War reverberates through two exhibits at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Read more

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