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In which we break down night two of Lizzo's triumphant shows at the Armory. Read more

, The Morning After


Illustration by Kate Worum

Lizzo came to Minneapolis as an indie rapper and left to become a world-conquering music star and personality. Her friends and collaborators tell the story of how Lizzo made her career and image here. (Apparently, at one point, Lizzo was... shy?!) Read more

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Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Courtesy of nasty little man

Ahead of the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album, Ghosteen, the unabashed rock 'n' roll legend brought an evening of talk and music to Minneapolis. Read more

The Morning After

Take a tour through the museum history of the Twin Cities. Read more

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The Walker Art Center Director Mary Ceruti

Photos by Caitlin Abrams

The new director of the Walker Art Center talks about why she doesn’t collect art, why donors give away money, and what could possibly attract a young curator to the tundra. Read more

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Hottest Seats in the Twin Cities

Photographs by Caitlin Abrams (Demi); Stephen Maturen/Getty Images (First Avenue); Shutterstock (Target Center, Cusack); Mat Hayward/Getty Images (Lizzo); Eric Todd (Curtain Call Ball); Courtney Perry (Orchestra Hall); Jim Gallop (Guthrie Theater)

A Real VIP—like you—doesn’t just go to all the big concerts, shows, and games. You deserve the best seat in the house. But where is that exactly? Read more

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Photos courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society (St. Anthony Falls, Snelling, Grimm, Mill City, Grasshoppers, Jolly Green Giant, Northrup King, Pillsbury, Blue Ribbon); Niday Picture Library/Alamy Stock Photo (Little Crow); Duane Braley/Star Tribune via Getty Images (seed art); Conner Flecks/Alamy Stock Photo (Borlaug); Kristoffer Tripplaar/Alamy Stock Photo (Cargill)

Sample a bumper crop of locally raised agricultural history. Read more

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J.S. Ondara

Photographs by Wale Agboola

J.S. Ondara moved from Nairobi to Minneapolis in search of a musical voice. Next stop: everywhere. Read more

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Baby boomers drive the biggest boats—and other social observations from a dock boy on Crane Lake. Read more

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Aquatennial: The Ultimate Summer Block Party

Photos courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society (parade, skipper pin, Bloody Friday, Autry, Aqua Follies, canoe, parade); ClassicStock/Alamy (boys); Everett Collection Inc/Alamy (king and queen); Gino Santa Maria/Shutterstock (TV), Paolo Gallo/Shutterstock (sand castle); Alex Coan/Shutterstock (tie); Archive PL/Alamy Stock Photo (Jefferson Airplane); HomeArt/Shutterstock (skateboard); mike/Shutterstock (boat)

As the Aquatennial celebrates its 80th year this week, read up on what led to the official party of the summer in Minneapolis. Read more

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Sarah Rasmussen of the Jungle Theater

Photograph by Mark Kegans

Sarah Rasmussen cast out “classic” plays for new scripts by women and people of color. Surprise: It wasn’t much of a battle. Read more

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Otter Tail County

Illustrations by Brian Ajhar

Taking stock of a 40-year-old fish tale. Read more

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Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Wacipi

Photograph by Caitlin Abrams

What’s it like to bang a sacred drum with $8,000 on the line—and a Native nation watching? Read more

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Main collage

Photos courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society (Brower, Ruttgers, Ruttgers Sign, Canoe Portager, Highway 61, Babe The Blue Ox, Canoe Country Outfitters, Sigurd Olson, Canoe Paddle, Gunflint Lodge); Jacob Boomsma / Shuttesrtock (superior national forest); Susan Rydberg / Shutterstock (Split Rock Lighthouse); Smileus / Shutterstock (Canoe), Lynn Friedman / Shutterstock (Willie The Walleye)

It's time to head Up North for warm-weather weekends–but first, brush up on your Minnesota resort history. Read more

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Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Photos courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society (Windom, Donnelly, House, Stassen Buttons, Humphrey family, McCarthy, Pawlenty, Mondale); Bettmann/Getty Images (Humphrey Convention); PhotoStockImage/ (button); Ellis/Alamy Stock Photo (Bachman); Zuma Press, Inc./Alamy Stock Photo (Klobuchar)

Does rooting for the Vikings make you feel like a no-hope, flyover-country rube? Try following hometown presidential politics. Read more

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Terry Gilliam

Photo by Stepane de Sakutin/AFP/Getty Images

The director talks about his passion project, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, that took him decades to complete—and the outhouse in his backyard. Read more

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Afton State Park Yurt

Illustration by Drue Wagner

A cure for the midweek blues? Try a bottle of bourbon, a few buddies, and a $55-a-night yurt in Afton State Park. Read more

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First Avenue

Photograph by David Bowman.

How do you earn a spot on Minneapolis’s Walk of Fame? None of your business. Read more

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From the Mary Tyler Moore Show to the birthplace of the local stand-up scene at Mickey Finn's, here's a brief history of comedy in Minnesota. Read more

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In a close game, Virginia inched out Texas Tech to win its first NCAA basketball championship. Read more

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