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Photos courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society (Brower, Ruttgers, Ruttgers Sign, Canoe Portager, Highway 61, Babe The Blue Ox, Canoe Country Outfitters, Sigurd Olson, Canoe Paddle, Gunflint Lodge); Jacob Boomsma / Shuttesrtock (superior national forest); Susan Rydberg / Shutterstock (Split Rock Lighthouse); Smileus / Shutterstock (Canoe), Lynn Friedman / Shutterstock (Willie The Walleye)

It's time to head Up North for warm-weather weekends–but first, brush up on your Minnesota resort history. Read more

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Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Photos courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society (Windom, Donnelly, House, Stassen Buttons, Humphrey family, McCarthy, Pawlenty, Mondale); Bettmann/Getty Images (Humphrey Convention); PhotoStockImage/ (button); Ellis/Alamy Stock Photo (Bachman); Zuma Press, Inc./Alamy Stock Photo (Klobuchar)

Does rooting for the Vikings make you feel like a no-hope, flyover-country rube? Try following hometown presidential politics. Read more

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Terry Gilliam

Photo by Stepane de Sakutin/AFP/Getty Images

The director talks about his passion project, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, that took him decades to complete—and the outhouse in his backyard. Read more

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Afton State Park Yurt

Illustration by Drue Wagner

A cure for the midweek blues? Try a bottle of bourbon, a few buddies, and a $55-a-night yurt in Afton State Park. Read more

Travel & Visitors

From the Mary Tyler Moore Show to the birthplace of the local stand-up scene at Mickey Finn's, here's a brief history of comedy in Minnesota. Read more

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In a close game, Virginia inched out Texas Tech to win its first NCAA basketball championship. Read more

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Terry Gilliam directing Adam Driver

Courtesy of Screen Media

The Minnesota-born co-director of Monty Python and the Holy Grail talks about his Medicine Lake roots and his new film 30 years in the making, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Read more

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The strangely alienating experience of watching the semifinal round of the Final Four from the media seats at U.S. Bank Stadium. Read more

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Ice Polo

Photos courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society

This month marked the 75th edition of the Boys’ State High School Hockey Tournament, but hockey started flowing into Minnesota since the 19th century. Read more

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Eddie Nandenberger and Kate Nordstrum

Photograph by Eliesa Johnson

Kate Nordstrum and Eddie Landenberger met at the University of Minnesota. Now she's the founder of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra's Liquid Music series, and he's renovated the Parkway Theater. Read more

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Marlon James in Minneapolis

Photograph by Victoria Campbell

With Black Leopard Red Wolf, the first book in a massive trilogy, the newly famous novelist wants to take the genre (and his career) to unseen territory. Read more

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Hiawatha Tent Encampment

Photos by Dan Huiting

Last Fall, 200 homeless people had set up camp on a strip of land right along Franklin Avenue. Steve Marsh, Andrew Broder, and Reuben Crowfeather talked to dozens of them to get their stories. Read more

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Sophia Eris

Photographs by Graham Gardner

Sophia Eris is the music-biz equivalent of a three-sport athlete. Is this the year she makes the all-pro team? Read more

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John Moe and Jeff Tweedy

Photo by Nate Ryan

The podcaster of 'Hilarious World of Depression' shares stories about mental health, gleaned from actors, musicians, and comedians. Read more

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Illustration collage of Minnesota wrestlers

Illustrations by Michael Byers

For a time, the best wrestling talent in the world came from Minnesota. We look back at the wins, the losses, and how it helped invent a barker/heel named Donald J. Trump. Read more

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Climber and filmmaker Jimmy Chan filming his new film, 'Free Solo'

Photo by Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin’s new documentary follows an astonishing un-roped climb in Yosemite. His own journey, from a childhood in Mankato, has taken him to awesome heights. Read more

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Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge

Photo by Gian Lorenzo Ferretti

Local sculptor Siah Armajani’s philosophically erudite, politically furious work gets the retrospective it deserves at the Walker. Read more

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Steve Marsh and his fiancée Maggie needed an excuse to drive 250 miles for a piece of carrot cake. So they made one up. Read more

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Bauhaus Brew Labs patio

Photo by Caitlin Abrams

Real Groom Steve and his fiancée Maggie found the perfect reception location for their Labor Day wedding. Read more

Real Brides

Here’s a philosophical question: Did you go cruising on Lake Minnetonka if the Tonka Paparazzi didn’t take a picture of you cruising on Lake Minnetonka? Read more

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