Steve Marsh

Sophia Eris

Photographs by Graham Gardner

Sophia Eris is the music-biz equivalent of a three-sport athlete. Is this the year she makes the all-pro team? more

Arts & Culture

John Moe and Jeff Tweedy

Photo by Nate Ryan

The podcaster of 'Hilarious World of Depression' shares stories about mental health, gleaned from actors, musicians, and comedians. more

Arts & Culture

Illustration collage of Minnesota wrestlers

Illustrations by Michael Byers

For a time, the best wrestling talent in the world came from Minnesota. We look back at the wins, the losses, and how it helped invent a barker/heel named Donald J. Trump. more

Arts & Culture

Climber and filmmaker Jimmy Chan filming his new film, 'Free Solo'

Photo by Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin’s new documentary follows an astonishing un-roped climb in Yosemite. His own journey, from a childhood in Mankato, has taken him to awesome heights. more

Arts & Culture

Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge

Photo by Gian Lorenzo Ferretti

Local sculptor Siah Armajani’s philosophically erudite, politically furious work gets the retrospective it deserves at the Walker. more

Arts & Culture

Steve Marsh and his fiancée Maggie needed an excuse to drive 250 miles for a piece of carrot cake. So they made one up. more

Travel & Visitors

Bauhaus Brew Labs patio

Photo by Caitlin Abrams

Real Groom Steve and his fiancée Maggie found the perfect reception location for their Labor Day wedding. more

Real Brides

Here’s a philosophical question: Did you go cruising on Lake Minnetonka if the Tonka Paparazzi didn’t take a picture of you cruising on Lake Minnetonka? more

General Interest

The private concert scene on Lake Minnetonka is a story of luxury boxes and bleachers. Except the grandees actually stand on the lawn and the groundlings occupy the water. more

General Interest

Bartender Marco Zappia at Martina

Photos by John Haynes

With Marco Zappia mixing drinks, Martina has become the hottest cocktail spot in town. But his ambition—laid out in “Marco’s Manifesto”—is to smash the tyranny of branded drinks, and explore the far reaches of what a cocktail can be. more

Eat & Drink

Eighties film icon Lea Thompson talks about directing her daughters in 'The Year of Spectacular Men,' not kissing her son in 'Back to the Future,' and growing up with a Minnesotan mother who sang and created art through her nineties. more

Arts & Culture

Bloodstone Cocktail from Marco Zappia

Photo by John Haynes

The star bartender from Martina created 'The Bloodstone'—a beet-infused take on a negroni—inspired by his interview in our June issue. more

Eat & Drink

Dog Park illustrations

Illustrations by Remie Geoffroi

Enough dog parks exist in the metro now that many dog owners can stick to their “local.” But an afternoon away game at the dog park can be an investigation into how the other half lives. more

General Interest

New owner Tony Zaccardi and former owner Lisa Hammer talk about the future of a century-old iconic Minneapolis bar. more


Poodle Blair with dog treats

Photos by Caitlin Abrams

A man and his best friend share a few of the choicest local dog dishes. Notes from the judge’s table (the floor). more

Arts & Culture

Cliffs at Crake Lake in the Boundary Waters

Photos courtesy of Steve Marsh

Same lake. Same boat. Same burgers. Same parents. What’s different about this picture? more

Travel & Visitors

As a Timberwolves fan, it's hard to know how to act in this situation. more

Arts & Culture

One of the MSPIFF's most enduring programs, Minnesota Made, focuses on homegrown work. In the spirit of this category, we thought it was time to define the Minnesota Movie Canon. more

Arts & Culture

Here’s the story of the alternate motor city that almost was—along with a few spots where you can still find a little bit of Minnesota in your car. more

Arts & Culture

Former President Barack Obama and Photographer Brad Ogbonna

Photo courtesy of Brad Ogbonna

Photographer Brad Ogbonna talks about his path from Minnesota to working with presidential portrait artist Kehinde Wiley in New York. more

Arts & Culture