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Hot momma Stephanie Wilbur Ash writes and edits   things related to health and families for  Mpls.St.Paul Magazine , including the blog and popular e-newsletter JuiceBox (good stuff for families on the go), voted best e-newsletter in its class by the Minnesota Magazine & Publishers Association. She knew those four kids would come in handy! Find her getting her wiggles out at any of our Cities' indoor and outdoor playgrounds and water parks, and at any music venue fronting her a cappella goth rock cover band “Goth Mother." Or find her in her log cabin, built in 1866, rebuilt with three bathrooms and radiant floor heating—just like the pioneer families always dreamed.


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We sat down with Gospel Machine, the Twin Cities´new band, to talk about powerful front women and what happens when Motown soul, Minneapolis pop, and an intrinsic sense of religiosity combine. Read more

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A composite of nurses

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Meet the 2015 winners of the Outstanding Nurses Awards. Read more

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Paula Hawkins, bestselling author of 'The Girl on the Train,' visits the Twin Cities. Read more

The Morning After

15 not-so-scary Halloween events for kids—inside, outside, and with shopping, too. Read more

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Photos by Cameron Wittig

What happens when you pair up arts leaders from disparate worlds to talk about the state of the local scene and their respective crafts? Read more

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Photo courtesy MN State Fair

Minnesota State Fair swag your kids will love, free or less than $1. Best new swag: Free sunscreen dispensers! Read more

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Photo courtesy Minnesota State Fair

The new cold, sweet treats your kids will love at the State Fair—and where to find them. Read more

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iPho’s Saigon Special

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Vietnamese soup with cultish loyalists vs. real Japanese noodle soup (not the brick of noodles from your college days). Read more

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