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Rally your squad, we've got your back with ideas for a quick escape, an overnight, even tips for where to sneak away for a few hours. Read more

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He Mni Can trails

Photograph by David Bowman

Explore our city trails, riverside routes, Lake Superior vistas, and more! Read more

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Freed of its river-crossing traffic, Stillwater is turning into a hot dining town. Read more

Eat & Drink

Steve Marsh and his fiancée Maggie needed an excuse to drive 250 miles for a piece of carrot cake. So they made one up. Read more

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Minneapolis Neighborhoods

Illustration by Randall nelson

Looking for someplace that’s laid back but bumping? Artsy and cultured? Equal parts industrial and warm? Downtown’s five neighborhoods deliver year-round, each with its own distinct personality. Take notes and come see them for yourself. Read more

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Kids jumping off dock into Lake Minnetonka

Photo by Ryan Donnell

Looking for a whole summer’s worth of swimming and splashing, pedaling and paddling, drinking and dining? Lake Minnetonka is your ultimate destination. Read more

General Interest

Sunset on a winding road

Photo by JLK Images

Choose your adventure: a Western road trip, a houseboat voyage on a limpid lake, an Instagram-worthy rustic lodge, and more. Read more

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Evan Kegans in Boundary Waters

Photo by Mark Kegans

A couple, their 11-year-old son, and their Schnoodle pup set sail on a cabin adventure—floating on a scenic lake near the Boundary Waters. Read more

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South Dakota Badlands

Photos courtesy of Allison Kaplan

Missed out as a kid on an epic drive to Mount Rushmore and the Badlands? A grown-up can go anywhere she wants. Even Wall Drug. Read more

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Cliffs at Crake Lake in the Boundary Waters

Photos courtesy of Steve Marsh

Same lake. Same boat. Same burgers. Same parents. What’s different about this picture? Read more

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River in William O'Brien State Park

Photos courtesy of Sarah Elbert

It doesn’t take a month to plan an overnight family camping trip to a state park. But—as we found out—a sleeping bag wouldn’t hurt. Read more

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Lake at Camp Wandawega

Photos by Kevin Miyazaki/Redux

With its weathered tipis and wood rackets, Camp Wandawega looks good enough to be the rustic retreat in a Wes Anderson film. Were we hip enough to last the weekend? Read more

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Bentleyville Tour of Lights in Duluth

Photograph by Ginny Haupert

From ice castles to dogsled races, holiday lights to colorful kites—a roundup of the most awe-inspiring events and attractions this season has to offer. Read more

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Lake Street bridge

Photo by David Bowman

Our annual hurry up, put on a sweater, get out and enjoy it before everything turns to white guide. Read more

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Minnows in a bucket

Photo from Shutterstock

Drive north to legendary Corral Saloon if you want to drink a minnow yourself! Read more


Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota's raft ride

Photo courtesy of Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota

The $30 million renovation of the old Water Park of America near Mall of America will be complete by December. Read more

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L'Etoile's Cherry Tomatoes Gazpacho Water

Photograph by Sarah Eglehoff

The city that started serving farm-to-table fare before it was cool, Madtown has grown its foodie roots into a dynamic dining destination. Read more

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Here’s a handy guide to the other places to stop as you work your way down one of the most beautiful routes in the North. Read more

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