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Rebecca has spent her entire career in publishing, working with a wide range of creative teams and custom clients to create dynamic packaging and publishing solutions. As managing editor, she oversees the flow of all copy for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine as well as its supplements, Home, and Weddings.

2019 Outstanding Nurses

Photograph by Adam Bettcher

A recap of the event and a list of who won! Read more

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Outstanding Nurses 2018

Photography by Caitlin Abrams

These 17 nurses do remarkable things every day: manage organ transplants, help sexual-assault patients, and fly by helicopter to treat trauma patients at the scene of an accident. Step into their world and hear stories of extraordinary medical care. Read more

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2018 Outstanding Nurses Winners

Photo by Adam Bettcher

A recap of the event and a list of who won! Read more

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Congratulations to our finalists! Read more

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A recap of the Outstanding Nurses Awards party, plus—who won! Read more

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This year marks the fifth year of Outstanding Nurses Awards, and Mpls.St.Paul Magazine is once again proud to announce the 2016 finalists for the Outstanding Nurses Awards. Read more

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Art by Cameron Wittig and Randall Nelson

Since the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality began ranking states in 2006, Minnesota has been in the top three for overall quality of health care. The way our Top Doctors push for medical innovation drives that ranking, keep... Read more

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To celebrate Mpls.St.Paul Magazine's 40th anniversary, we give you 40 lists that showcase the food, fashion, sports, news, and pop culture that shape this place we love (an love to make fun of). Read more

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