Lydia Faith, "The Fire Dance"

Courtesy of Lydia Faith

This local artist not only creates paintings, but performs live painting at events around the Twin Cities. Read more

Arts & Culture

The Women Business Owners of Selby and Snelling

Photo by Caitlin Abrams

Are two X chromosomes the “it” factor? These lady bosses think so. Read more

Shop & Style

Bartz Brothers' Whale Snow Sculpture

Courtesy of the Bartz Brothers

Three brothers in New Brighton spend countless hours around the holidays to create giant, wintery sculptures in their own front yard—for a worthy cause. Read more

Arts & Culture

The composer, musician, and author behind The Suburbs just got married, and has a new Jesse James musical premiering at the History Theatre. Read more

Arts & Culture

Who in the world can fight Amazon and win? A 24-year-old Minneapolis undergrad, mobilizing one Amazon worker at a time. Read more

Arts & Culture

Jonathan Goldstein

Photograph by Cameron Wittig

Podcast darling—and new Minnesota arrival—Jonathan Goldstein is here to help. Read more

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Oprah Winfrey and Tina Fey

Courtesy of WW / George Burns

What does the former talk show host have to say about actualizing your dreams in the wellness era? Read more

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Matt Birk

Photograph by Jeff Weese

Ahead of the Vikings playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers, we checked in with the Super Bowl champ who has a newfound purpose for education and stand-up comedy. Read more

Arts & Culture

New Rules

Courtesy of New Rules

Catch up on the plans that the do-it-all community space New Rules has for north Minneapolis. Read more

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YMCA Youth in Government

Courtesy of the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities

At a time when many adults feel discouraged by politics, hundreds of students will debate hundreds of bills at the state capitol. Read more

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Princess Lotus Blossom

Photo Courtesy Feral House

Would you buy a virility cure from a 16-year-old farm girl? How about a memoir? Read more

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Timothee Chalamet and Bob Dylan


Directed by James Mangold, the untitled production will mark the folk singer's evolution to rock icon. Read more

Arts & Culture

Warm Winter Nights

Photo by Madeline Elli

Get to know the Oromo refugee whose runway-featured designs reflect her East African culture. Read more

Shop & Style

Jim Denomie

Portrait by Molly Miles

The self-described "old-fashioned painter" took his time becoming one of Minnesota’s foremost visual artists. First, he needed to hang some drywall. Read more

Arts & Culture

Augsburg Women's Wrestling Team

Photographs by Don Stoner, Augsburg University

The only collegiate women’s wrestling team in the state just formed a few months ago—but they’re already a group to watch. Read more

Arts & Culture

Jess Mack, Chicks on Wheels

Courtesy of Chicks on Wheels

Despite a chronic illness, the owner of Chicks on Wheels keeps on trucking. Read more

Eat & Drink

St. Paul Vulcans

Photograph by Ackerman + Gruber

At January’s Winter Carnival, the Vulcans ride again. Wanna know the secret behind St. Paul’s very old, very strange fraternal society? Read more

Arts & Culture

Thomas Patrick Moran Jr., "Aloe Nobilis in a Redwood Box"

Courtesy of Thomas Patrick Moran Jr.

To spread his love of horticulture, this craftsman repurposes boxes out of recycled and scrap wood to make artful containers for cacti and succulents. Read more

Arts & Culture

Alan Page

Portrait by Ackerman + Gruber

The NFL Hall of Famer and state Supreme Court Justice talks about waking up early, when not to boycott a Presidential ceremony, and how vending machines changed his life forever. Read more

Arts & Culture

Julie Snow

Photo by Caitlin Abrams

Last year, Julie Snow’s firm grabbed one of architecture’s biggest awards. Quick: Can you name any of her buildings? Let’s work on that. Read more

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  • Vitreo Retinal Surgery

    Pinkypills Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Vitreo Retinal Surgery

    Closeup of woman eye with visual effects, isolated on white background. Horizontal, wide