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Askov Finlayson design director Christopher Windham

Photos by John Haynes

With new talent, an updated store, and a wholesaling strategy, Askov Finlayson expands its footprint—minus the carbon. more

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WSI team photo.

Photo courtesy of WSI.

Why you've never heard of the Eagan company that makes thermal gear football and hockey players swear by. more

Shop & Style

Warby Parker x Askov Finlayson launch Minnesota-exclusive sunglasses; Cold AF hats available for delivery. more


Winter gear

Photograph by Becca Sabot

It's not all big puffy parkas and furry earflap hats in the North. Minnesotans know how to look cool in the cold. Here are a few of our favorite wintery clothing picks! more

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Shop now, shop later. You can pretty much find the Super Bowl LII logo on all things wearable, collectible, and then some. more


Askov Finlayson's fifth release of its coveted North hats includes new styles and colors. more

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