Lisa Rounds

Lisa Rounds

Editorial director of branded content, Lisa Rounds brings 20+ years of experience to Studio MSP, from her early days at Woman’s Day Magazine in New York and Marie Claire in Paris, to her adventures as a bilingual book editor in Buenos Aires.

In this enlightening collection of essays, local writers reveal the emotional and physical realities of caesarean birth and beyond. Read more

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Brian Grivna on saxophone and Peter Kogan on drums. (Grivna) / (Kogan)

Percussion master Peter Kogan and saxophone legend Brian Grivna pool talents at Crooners Wednesday for a show that promises to be all that. Read more

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lacing up tennis shoes


Whether you're training for a 26.2 or a couch-to-5K, here's how to find a running shoe that will get you across the finish line. Read more

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Or are they just as bad as those with other added sugars? Read more

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Local school counselors and administrators offer their advice on how students (and parents!) can strike a heathy balance as they prepare for the next chapter and navigate the college application maze. Read more

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Tying running shoes

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Go ahead, have that second piece of pie. There are new classes and workouts in your future—and they’re on sale right now. Read more

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Can a boxing class taught by a neuroscientist help me get through my divorce? Read more

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JB Hudson window displays in downtown Minneapolis

Photo courtesy of JB Hudson

Nicollet nostalgia, North Loop cool, and the promise of something you just can’t get in the suburbs—shops are finding creative ways to draw people to the urban core. Read more

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Before you buy tickets, weigh your level of football fever, your tolerance for theme parks, and your patience. Read more

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