Lake Life

Kids jumping off dock into Lake Minnetonka

Photo by Ryan Donnell

Looking for a whole summer’s worth of swimming and splashing, pedaling and paddling, drinking and dining? Lake Minnetonka is your ultimate destination. more

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Minnehaha on Lake Minnetonka

Photos by Ryan Donnell

The Steamboat Minnehaha gives passengers a glimpse of Lake Minnetonka’s glamorous past—and present. more

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No boat? No problem! Pack your cooler and don’t forget your ID. Here’s your rent-and-go guide to the best lake day ever. more

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Excelsior and Wayzata

Photos by John Haynes and Caitlin Abrams

One big lake, two different cities. You could spend a perfect day in Wayzata or Excelsior. But which one is your speed? more

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A lost amusement park. A forgotten hermit. A whole bunch of buildings that burned. What’s the story with those dots in the middle of Lake Minnetonka? more

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Tourism is at the heart of Lake Minnetonka, and it has been forever. We look back at the lake's origins. more

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Here’s a philosophical question: Did you go cruising on Lake Minnetonka if the Tonka Paparazzi didn’t take a picture of you cruising on Lake Minnetonka? more

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Yacht? Not. Here’s how to see Lake Minnetonka the right way: on a three-hour bike trip. more

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Minnows in a bucket

Photo from Shutterstock

Drive north to legendary Corral Saloon if you want to drink a minnow yourself! more