Jolene Johnson

The Folstad family

Photo by Chad Holder

Kassina Folstad handcrafts her renovated home with textures and repurposed antiques. Read more

Home & Design

Dr Uzma Samadani of Hennepin Health

Photo by Cameron Wittig

We interviewed six celebrated Twin Cities doctors about what it’s like to perform some of the most difficult medical procedures—and what they love about it. Plus, we identify more than 800 of the best doctors in town, as selected by their peers. Read more

Health & Fitness

Meet the doctors who are turning heads after less than 10 years in their specialties. Read more

Health & Fitness

Dr. Mohamed Hassan

Photograph by Ackerman + Gruber

Medical breakthroughs and advances in patient care are happening right in our own backyard. Meet some of the local doctors who are helping change medicine. Then check out our annual list of top Twin Cities physicians. Read more

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