Jenna Johnson

Jenna Johnson and Kyle


The Bride

Age: 26

Hometown: Plymouth, Minn.

Occupation: Cake decorator at Gateaux, Inc.


The Groom

Age: 27

Hometown: Plymouth, Minn.

Occupation: Construction


The Details:

Engagement Date: July 20, 2013

Wedding Date: Sept. 13, 2014

Wedding/Reception location: The Progress Center on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds

The Ring: White Gold with a cushion cut Blue Topaz and a diamond halo.


A bit about us: Kyle and I grew up just down the street from each other, but we went to different high schools. We had some mutual friends and ended up on a blind double date when I was 15 and he was 16. The only catch is we were paired up with different people. Kyle was on a date with my friend and I was on a date with his friend. We went to the movies and saw The Ring. Kyle dated my friend for a couple months, but that was my one and only date with his friend. A few years later when I was in college at Michigan State we started talking again. My friends at school started calling him my phone boyfriend. One night I worked up enough courage to ask him to come visit me. Two weeks later Kyle and his friend Greg made the 10-hour drive to East Lansing and the rest is history! After nearly seven years of dating we are so excited to be getting married!


Engagement Story: Kyle’s family has a cabin up in Crosslake, Minn. and it’s my favorite place to be in the summer. We go up there every weekend we can! One weekend we were up there we woke up on Saturday morning and went to one of our favorite places for breakfast, The Wharf. After breakfast, as we were boating back to the cabin, Kyle’s Mom mentioned that we needed to get a few chores done before we could relax for the rest of the weekend. Kyle and I were assigned the task of cleaning out the boat. When we got back to the cabin I gathered up the necessary cleaning supplies and got to work. Kyle told me that we needed some wood cleaner to finish the task and asked me if I would go up to the cabin and get it with him. I responded with, “That’s dumb, just go get it yourself.” He tried pleading with me, but I refused, “If you go get it yourself I can keep cleaning and we will get done faster!” So he went up to the cabin to grab the “wood cleaner.” He came back shortly after with some cleaner (out of haste he grabbed Goo Gone—not wood cleaner) and walked over to the edge of the dock, “Hey Jenna, come look at this cool fish!” This time, I bit. I got out of the boat to check out the fish. There was nothing there. As I spun around to go back to cleaning the boat Kyle grabbed my hand and told me how he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He got down on one knee, pulled out the most perfect ring, and asked me to marry him. Yes!

I remember thinking that I can’t wait to call my mom! Then Kyle told me that he had one more surprise for me and started leading me to his cabin. As we walked off the dock I realized all of his cabin neighbors were outside and cheering. Everyone knew but me! Once we got to the porch Kyle told me his surprise, my entire family was there. I looked up and all seven of my family members were there. My Mom, Dad, and five brothers and sisters were all there and they were up for the whole weekend! I couldn’t believe he managed to get everyone up there without my knowing! A few of our friends came up as well and we got to celebrate our engagement all weekend. It was so sweet and so thoughtful. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal!


The Big Day: I’ve worked in the wedding industry for the last six years and have seen a lot of similar traditional weddings and it makes me want to do something really unique! Kyle and I want to throw a party! Since the Minnesota State Fair is one of our favorite things to do we decided to have a State Fair-themed wedding. We want games, cotton candy, mini donuts, cake on a stick! We were thrilled to find out that you can rent buildings on the fairgrounds for weddings. We are already having so much fun planning and are excited for everything to come!


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