Jason Matheson


Jason Matheson and Collin Haas


Age: 39 

Hometown: Michigan City, IN  

College: Columbia College, Chicago, IL

Occupation: Morning show host at myTalk 107.1



Age: 25

Hometown: Andover, MN

College: St. John’s University, Collegeville, MN

Occupation: Business operations supervisor at the U of M


The Details

Engagement Date: Oct. 27, 2013

Wedding Date: TBD (most likely September 2014)

Wedding/Reception location: Our home

The Ring: Rounded platinum band 


A Bit About Us: Collin and I met the old fashioned way—the Internet. Both of us were moving forward after a past relationship and decided to give the ol’ a try. On my side, the task was a bit trickier and more fun because a group of my gal pals decided to play the role of “Jedi Council” and have final approval on any of my dates. They passed on Collin initially because he was a bit younger and my prior experience with that dynamic didn't work. But Collin was persistent, and after a few e-mails we had our first date and haven't really been apart—short of one week—in a year and a half. It’s funny, I knew pretty early on that he was the one. I know people say that all the time, but our first date had that “thing.” When he arrived for the date, he walked in and there was an immediate level of comfort. It was like we were continuing a conversation that started months ago. And we haven’t stopped talking since. There is such ease to us, our rhythms are perfectly synced. There is no single person I’d rather spend time with than Collin. He’s, sincerely, my very best friend. 


Engagement Story: So, our engagement is a pretty funny story in and of itself. In my head, I always knew I wanted to be the one to do the askin’. But what should I do? How can I make it special? Do I try to book his favorite celebrity—Darren Criss from “Glee”—on my show, then shamelessly ask him to sing a proposal? No. Maybe a choreographed dance routine with friends and family? Nah, been done. The answer was found at the corner of Lucky and Opportunity. Collin and I were planning a trip to Vegas with our mothers and some of our dear friends when the idea hit me. Everyone’s together! Do it in Vegas! And, by Caesar, I did! As the Bellagio fountain exploded with color and music, I got down on one knee (I’m an old fashioned kind of guy) and I asked Collin to marry me. And through his surprised little mouth came the word, “Yes!” I cried, he cried, the moms cried, the friends cried. Even some tourists from Oklahoma cried. 


The Big Day: Well, the big day is still a bit off and still “in development,” as Hollywood likes to say. We are planning a fall 2014 wedding. An exact date is an impossibility for us right now, due to the fact that we are having our fabulous nuptials at our house. The problem? The house hasn’t been built yet. Not a piece of brick has been laid. In fact, we haven’t even settled on land . . . yet. That’s right, a wedding and a home build in the same year. Yes, we are crazy. And it gets even crazier when you learn our house is going to be an exact replica of Southfork. Yep, you read that right. We are building the house from the TV show Dallas, which just happens to be my all-time favorite show. But we are moving full-steam ahead, and our decision to have it at our house speaks to our desire to have a fun, intimate, joyful, special, and family/friend-centered ceremony and reception. Our goal? When people walk to their cars at the end of the very long night (hopefully) we want them to say, “That was a helluva party! And was that Sue Ellen in the pool?”

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