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Jamie Korf is an associate editor for Studio MSP at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine.

Hands holding a mug of tea

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From healing green broth to Chinese Herbs, find your happy (and healthy) place when winter fastens its grip. more

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Westminster Presbyterian Church's expansion

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Here’s a look at some of the places just recently topped off, driving Minneapolis’s next wave of development. more

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The Bird restaurant bar

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From an artsy upstairs annex to a hideaway hotel room with panoramic views, a roundup of some of the best hidden gems and tucked-away tables for your own private dining party. more

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Minnesota’s Main Street celebrates its official warm-weather unveiling with new year-round social destinations, the second largest collection of public art in the city, sidewalk cafés, and bountiful greenery. more

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Minneapolis Neighborhoods

Illustration by Randall nelson

Looking for someplace that’s laid back but bumping? Artsy and cultured? Equal parts industrial and warm? Downtown’s five neighborhoods deliver year-round, each with its own distinct personality. Take notes and come see them for yourself. more

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Woman doing yoga on dock

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When it comes to bone mass, use it or lose it, say local medical experts. Here’s everything you need to know about building your body’s framework so you can stay active for a lifetime. more

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Living inspired. From taking lifelong passions into retirement to adventuring far from home, a generation that ushered in change after change is rewriting the story on aging. more

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