Robert Koehler, "Rainy Evening on Hennepin Avenue"

Courtesy of the Minneapolis Institute of Art

The Minneapolis Institute of Art explores “The Art of High Style” at the turn of the 20th century. Read more

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The Hot Roast Beef Sandwich at Milda's

Photographs by Caitlin Abrams

The other Juicy Lucy, Minnesota's signature sandwich that you never heard of. Read more

Eat & Drink

From the Mary Tyler Moore Show to the birthplace of the local stand-up scene at Mickey Finn's, here's a brief history of comedy in Minnesota. Read more

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Photograph by Greg Helgeson

From Minnesota Historical Society Press, writer Martin Keller and photographer Greg Helgeson preserve their scenester stories in 'Hijinx and Hearsay.' Read more

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Hennepin History Museum, Inventions & Innovations

Courtesy of Hennepin History Museum

From the Bundt pan, to the pop-up toaster, to the "damper flapper," learn what inventions were made in Minnesota. Read more

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St. Cloud Prison

Photo courtesy of Department of Corrections

The state possesses one of the mightiest walls ever built by human hands at the Minnesota Correctional Facility–St. Cloud. We took a tour. It’s not a cheerful place. Read more

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