Mike Phillips in a bike race.

Photo courtesy of Mike Phillips

We talked with the owner of Red Table Meat about how he got back on the bike (literally) after an ugly crash and how he stays healthy working in the food industry. more

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Stephanie Meyer

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Meyer

The author of 'Twin Cities Chef's Table' didn't let her health issues slow her down. She made a career out of them. more

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With the opening of its George Wellbeing Center, the Gaviidae YMCA becomes the latest Twin Cities gym to offer tools for improving mental health alongside the physical. more

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Students fly through the air via bungee cord at The Aviary.

Photo courtesy of The Aviary.

The Insta-worthy bungee fitness craze is a sight (and a flight) to behold. more

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Living inspired. From taking lifelong passions into retirement to adventuring far from home, a generation that ushered in change after change is rewriting the story on aging. more

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Freshen up your workout gear this spring with bold colors and breathable fabrics. more

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Alisha Perkins running.

Photo courtesy of Alisha Perkins

For the mother of two and wife of newly retired Minnesota Twins pitcher, Glen Perkins, running is more than just a way of life—it's a way of saving it. more

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Meet the doctors who are turning heads after less than 10 years in their specialties. more

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Charcoal latte from Penny's Coffee.

Photo by Caitlin Abrams

The charcoal latte craze has made its way to Penny's Coffee. It's Instagram-worthy, but does it actually have health benefits? more

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A journey to India sent a local yogi/entrepreneur home with a vision for a better yoga rug. more

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From workout apparel to beauty products, it's all about versatility for this yoga teacher/programming director. more

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Healthy food in shopping bag

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Butter substitutes, light yogurt and cheese, and definitely, definitely no salt. more

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Requests for cosmetic procedures are keeping local clinics bustling, but it’s not all nipping and tucking. more

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Yoga Garden.JPG

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Loes.

These local yoga studios offer movement and mindfulness for all ages. more

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Falen Bonsett

Photo courtesy of Falen Bonsett

Join us at Healthmakers on March 15 to hear how the KDWB morning host balances wellness with her love for cookies and disdain for cardio. more

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