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squirrel eating pizza slice in tree

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After all my weekends at the cabin this summer, am I back to square one? Read more

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Henry Kisitu and family of Jajja Wellness

photo by Nichole Loranger

Move over, kombucha—there’s a new elixir on the block. Read more

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The demands of an always-on world have taken a toll on teen mental health. With growing rates of anxiety, addiction, depression, and suicide, what are local health experts doing to help kids win this battle? Read more

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Sleeping Face Emoji

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And what else can I do to get better sleep? Read more

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pre-workout stretch

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And what types of moves are we talking about? Read more

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Collagen powder + pills // via Shutterstock

Which other ingredients should we look for when choosing an anti-aging product? Read more

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Or are they just as bad as those with other added sugars? Read more

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Now, suburbanites won't have to drive downtown to get in a quick workout. Read more

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Kayaking on Lake Bde Maka Ska

Photograph by Caitlin Abrams

Find out where to rent kayaks, canoes, pedal boats and stand-up paddleboards, and head out on the water. Read more

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Mpls.St.Paul Magazine is excited to announce the finalists for the 2019 Outstanding Nurses Awards. Read more

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