Drew Wood

Drew Wood

Deputy editor and generalist extraordinaire Drew Wood's been around the media block with stints at, Metro, and Minnesota Business to name a few. For a brief period in his 20s Drew left journalism to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in English in hopes of someday becoming an English professor only to realize that being a English professor requires lots of reading and deep thinking, and is actually quite boring. He lives in Tangletown with his wife and two daughters, and would almost always rather be wearing a baseball cap.

You think being a celebrity hound means sleeping all day and getting a bone any time you want it? Let me tell you about it . . . more

General Interest

Author Sally Franson

Photos by Caitlin Abrams

Say hello to the Minneapolis littérateur (with a fancy degree to prove it), and her possibly bestselling debut novel. more

Arts & Culture

Lake at Camp Wandawega

Photos by Kevin Miyazaki/Redux

With its weathered tipis and wood rackets, Camp Wandawega looks good enough to be the rustic retreat in a Wes Anderson film. Were we hip enough to last the weekend? more

Travel & Visitors

Walking in the footsteps of the most diabolical Minneapolis criminal you’ve never heard of. more

Arts & Culture

Our Get It / Skip It / Your Call guide to the new foods in Twins Territory. more

, Eat & Drink

Ma and Pa Zucker marvel at their 4-month-old interview disruptor.

Photograph by Caitlin Abrams

Hanging out and talking saunas, dabbing, and well-kempt sock drawers with the Twin Cities’ unlikely new power couple. more

Arts & Culture

General Joseph Votel, Cretin-Derham Hall class of 1976

Photo by Tech. Sgt. Dana Flamer

Meet Joe Votel, the St. Paul kid who grew up to be a four-star general in charge of the United States Central Command. more

Arts & Culture

Here’s what it’s like for a new mayor two days before the Super Bowl is played in your town. more

, General Interest

We talk to local ad pros about what makes campaigns work, and what feels like to see your ad play during the big game. more

Arts & Culture

08^1005353713 11SBMENZEL012718.JPG

Photo courtesy of Creative Minds Studio

A recap of opening day festivities around the Twin Cities for Super Bowl 2018. more

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New U.S. Bank Stadium Super Bowl Game Day Foods

Photos by Caitlin Abrams

We ate all 13 new in-stadium special Super Bowl foods, because you won't be able to and, frankly, come game day, neither will we. more

, Foodie

Vikings Players Favorite Restaurants

Restaurant photos by Caitlin Abrams

When the home team isn’t ransacking the NFC North, here’s where the players go to play. more

Eat & Drink

Made in the North 2018

Photos by John Haynes

Discover the best of the best in locally made goods—from sugar beet-distilled vodka to Scandinavian-inspired woven linens. more

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St. Paul mayor-elect Melvin Carter

Photographs by Caitlin Abrams

Meet Mayor-elect (and optimist-in-chief) Melvin Carter, AKA the most popular man in St. Paul. more

General Interest

Skiing on Spirit Mountain

Photo by Ashley Camper

A guide to the state's best skiing, tubing, and snowboarding. more

Travel & Visitors

Erich Sailer - by Ashley Camper

Photos by Ashley Camper

The hills may be small. So why do Minnesota ski legends describe our hills as an epic place to ski? more

Travel & Visitors

Skiing - December 2017

Photos by Ashley Camper

Our peerless guide to every darn ski resort in Minnesota. (And one in Wisconsin.) more

Travel & Visitors

Guthrie Theatre tote bag

Photographs by Josh Grubbs (Guthrie bag); Caitlin Abrams (other bags)

With Minneapolis pondering a plastic bag usage fee, it got us thinking about another notable milestone in local grocery bag history. more

Arts & Culture

Halloween costumes illustration

Illustration by Bill Brown

Is your costume ready? more

Arts & Culture

Whether you’re in the mood for something haunting, something hilarious, something historic, or something horrifying, here are four new local books on shelves now. more

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