Downtown Minneapolis

The Dayton's Project

Photographs by Caitlin Abrams

The holiday magic returns to Nicollet. Read more

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Jack Link's

Photo courtesy of Jack Link’s

Downtown workers enjoy environments, both inside and out, unlike anywhere else. These innovative Minneapolis workspaces make leaving the office the hardest part of the day. Read more

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Westminster Presbyterian Church's expansion

Photo by Andrea Rugg

Here’s a look at some of the places just recently topped off, driving Minneapolis’s next wave of development. Read more

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Hahn/Cock by Katharina Fritsch

Photos: Gene Pittman, courtesy of Walker Art Center

This year marks the first full summer that the 17 new artworks at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden will be on display. Get your Sherlock Holmes on and seek out these five modern monuments. Read more

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The Bird restaurant bar

Photo courtesy of Bartmann Group

From an artsy upstairs annex to a hideaway hotel room with panoramic views, a roundup of some of the best hidden gems and tucked-away tables for your own private dining party. Read more

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Minneapolis Neighborhoods

Illustration by Randall nelson

Looking for someplace that’s laid back but bumping? Artsy and cultured? Equal parts industrial and warm? Downtown’s five neighborhoods deliver year-round, each with its own distinct personality. Take notes and come see them for yourself. Read more

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JB Hudson window displays in downtown Minneapolis

Photo courtesy of JB Hudson

Nicollet nostalgia, North Loop cool, and the promise of something you just can’t get in the suburbs—shops are finding creative ways to draw people to the urban core. Read more

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Minneapolis skyline with Mississippi River

Photo courtesy of National Park Service

Warning: The reading of this article may cause gym membership buyer’s remorse and a sudden urge to step, run, and paddle all over downtown Minneapolis. Read more

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Prince star at First Ave

Photo by Caitlin Abrams

From frozen waterfalls to psychedelic murals, your Instagram world awaits in our snow-covered cities. Here are our best 13 for your sharing pleasure. Read more

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The new downtown billboards raise more questions than they answer. Read more

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Nicollet Mall rendering

Rendering courtesy of Nicollet Project

Improvements won’t solve challenges. Read more

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It’s time for a new approach to reviving downtown Minneapolis. Read more

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Askov Finlayson owner Eric Dayton looks to start a conversation about the real problem with downtown Minneapolis, and how to fix it. Read more

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