Humanities in Minnesota Colleges and Universities

Illustration by Dan Page

How did English and history majors become an endangered species? Read more

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Larissa Loden

Photographs by Caitlin Abrams

The biggest art crawl in the country is this weekend in Minneapolis. Here's where to sip drinks, catch some music, and support the hundreds of makers and artists of the Twin Cities. Read more

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Booze around town with your fellow book nerds this Saturday, and maybe raise a glass with your favorite author? Read more

Arts & Culture

From the Mary Tyler Moore Show to the birthplace of the local stand-up scene at Mickey Finn's, here's a brief history of comedy in Minnesota. Read more

Arts & Culture

In the Heart of the Beast MayDay Parade

Photographs by Caitlin Abrams

After the MayDay Parade, where do all the magical puppet creatures go to rest? Read more

Arts & Culture

Minnesota Falconry

Photographs by John Haynes

Have you ever looked at a feral raptor perched on a light pole in Edina and thought, "Let’s form a man-beast partnership in the TV room?" Read more

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Thanos from Thanos Rising

Photo by Caitlin Abrams

Between old-school toy shops and game nights at your favorite local taprooms, Twin Cities enthusiasts are pioneering the new generation of board games. Read more

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Kaelan Mikla

Courtesy of Iceland Naturally

Everything you need to know about the most interesting Nordic takeover since that one thing in the snow in Game of Thrones. Read more

General Interest

Chris Pennington at Can Can Wonderland

Photos by Caitlin Abrams

From the Haunted Basement to Can Can Wonderland, Chris Pennington has proved that populist art can pay big dividends. And he's got a new funland in the works. Read more

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Illustration by Neil Webb

The University of Minnesota recently tested a medical device that could transform the quality of life for people with spinal-cord injuries. Read more

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Hennepin History Museum, Inventions & Innovations

Courtesy of Hennepin History Museum

From the Bundt pan, to the pop-up toaster, to the "damper flapper," learn what inventions were made in Minnesota. Read more

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Rosedale Center Ashley Mary Mural

Mural by Ashley Mary

Experience 50 works of art at Rosedale Center as part of the mall’s Easter art hunt. Read more

Arts & Culture

The teen-staffed creative development agency in North Minneapolis is selling exclusive shirts at the Chameleon pop-up shops in Gaviidae Common to raise money for the organization. Read more

Shop & Style

U.S. Bank Stadium

Photo via Shutterstock

Those $5 million curtains will totally spruce up the room when our guests come for the Final Four! Read more

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Photographs by Caitlin Abrams

What happens to your phone, your $25,000 diamond ring, or your prosthetic leg when you lose them at the airport? Meet the miracle workers behind Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport's lost and found. Read more

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MNUFC at Allianz Field

Photographs by Caitlin Abrams

After a $250 million investment, welcome Allianz Field to the list of must-see Twin Cities sports stadiums. Read more

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The University of Minnesota Human Dimensioning Lab

photo courtesy UMN Human Dimensioning Lab

Any designer can fashion a little black dress. A better bra for women with mastectomies? That’s a job for the scanner at the Human Dimensioning Laboratory. Read more

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Butler Square

Photograph courtesy of Doors Open Minneapolis

The weekend event in May will give visitors free access to the buildings that tell the city’s history. Read more

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Drone Racers

Photographs by Ackerman + Gruber

We journeyed to Fridley's Route 47 Pub & Grub to check out the next big thing in not-so-active sports. Read more

General Interest

Downtown Minneapolis Construction

Photo by Leila Navidi/Minneapolis Star Tribune via ZUMA Wire

At some point the building boom and the construction is going to end, right? Right?! Read more

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