Joan Gabel

Photograph by Eric Miller/University of Minnesota

As she finishes her first semester at the University of Minnesota, the new president looks to increase students’ sense of belonging. Read more

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Charissa Roby

Photo by David Bowman

Scenes from the opening of the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery in Duluth. Read more

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Angel Olsen

Cameron McCool

Each week, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine Editors round-up the best events, concerts, and shows that are on their radar. Read more

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Isabella García-Pizaño, "Eyes Closed"

Courtesy of Isabella García-Pizaño

“Living in a digital age, we lose access to physical touch and we demand expediency," the photographer says about her medium. "This analog process brings me back to human touch, teaching me patience and surrender.” Read more

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Vote Yes

Courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society

Does any other state have a more intense relationship with booze? Read more

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Photo by Caitlin Abrams

St. Paul’s new boutique hotel repackages a history that would make a mother—or a sister—proud. Read more

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Dawn McClain

Courtesy of Dawn McClain

How does one become a paranormal investigator? Just ask myTalk 107.1's Dawn McClain. Read more

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Photo by Rhianna Hajduch

The 21-year-old photographer talks about her passion, finessing her way into a private Virgil Abloh event, and why no matter how many flights she catches, she loves coming home to the Twin Cities. Read more

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Hennepin History Museum

Courtesy of the Hennepin History Museum

The new exhibit commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment. Read more

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If you don’t do these eight things this fall, please leave the state. Read more

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Landmark Plaza

Photograph by Caitlin Abrams

An expert of local spooky lore from Twin Cities Ghost Tours shares some of the most haunted places in the state. Read more

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Photo by Eric Dregni

What do you do when your sister city becomes a stranger? You carry a letter to Italy. Read more

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Independence Barnes, "Untitled"

Courtesy of Independence Barnes

In the style of Rorschach tests, local artist Independence "Penn" Barnes balances symmetry and variety with his abstract works. Read more

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Tarrence Robertson-Bayless

Photo courtesy of the Committee to Elect Tarrence Robertson-Bayless

If elected this year, the Ward 4 candidate would be the city’s first transgender councilperson—and he’s speaking out about his unique journey to politics. Read more

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Brian Oake

Photograph by Caitlin Abrams

Two months after the former radio host—ahem—parted ways with The Current, Brian Oake has a new venture—and a lot of questions. Read more

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Finding the Words

Photos by John Schaidler

826 MSP has a story to tell about how kids learn to write—but they’d rather let the kids tell it. Read more

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Minnesota Zoo Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular

Photo by Caitlin Abrams

Find all the scares, jumps, thrills, and horrors you’ll need to get into the spirit of Halloween. Read more

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Rock n' Roll Walking Tour

Text and Illustrations by Andy Sturdevant

Hit the streets and visit some of the most iconic spots in Minneapolis music history. Read more

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Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

Photographs by Caitlin Abrams

The big yellow barn is a roadside attraction in Jordan, a fix for sugar junkies—and a full-employment program for dentists. Read more

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