Brittney Madsen


Brittney Madsen & David Grube

The Bride

Age: 27

Hometown: Raymond, Minnesota

Occupation: Digital marketing and social media specialist at 3M

The Groom

Age: 32

Hometown: White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Occupation: Owner, Photographer at David Grube Photography

The Details

Engagement Date: January 10, 2015

Wedding Date: August 30, 2015

Wedding / Reception Location: Solar Arts Event Space, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Ring: A dream come true! A large, round center diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller round diamonds sitting atop a diamond band. Proof that Marilyn was right, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

Our Story

In fall 2011, a dear friend of mine, Lisa of Johnny + Dottie, told me that she was planning a winter wedding inspiration photo shoot and graciously asked me to be the bride model. I mean, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to spend an entire day feeling pampered, wearing a pretty gown with your hair and makeup done?! Next to a Netflix marathon, that sounded like my perfect Sunday! There was one problem though, I didn’t have a groom of my own to stand by my side. But, that’s the beauty of a friend like Lisa, she had something (or someone) very handsome up her sleeve. She knew this wedding photographer named David Grube and thought he might be the perfect “groom” for me. Turns out, she’s a fantastic wedding planner and matchmaker. Seriously, Lis, this should be another line on your business card. Dave and I had our ‘first look’ and were happily “married” within the first hour of meeting. When the shoot wrapped, he asked me to dinner and that was it! 3 1/2 years later, we’re planning our actual wedding and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my days with him! In case you’re curious, you can see photos from the day we met.

Engagement Story

Dave and I have had the amazing opportunity of doing a few photo shoots throughout our relationship and through his work as a wedding photographer, he’s been able to document special moments like proposals for others, as well. He couldn’t imagine proposing without having images to document such an incredible moment for us. We had planned a trip to visit some of our best friends in Portland, Oregon where Dave would also be attending a photography conference. During this time, Dave knew that many of his favorite photographers would also be hosting photography workshops much like the one we met at. He contacted one of them and begin knitting together the most perfect plan. We would arrive in Portland on a Thursday, hang out and explore the city until Saturday when we would spend a few hours in the afternoon being the models for an “engagement shoot” that would eventually turn into a “proposal shoot.” Afterward, we would go out on the town with our friends for a wonderful dinner in celebration. He had spoken with our friends who agreed to keep his secret of popping the question at the shoot and it was set. Because doing shoots like these weren’t completely unusual for us, I didn’t think anything of it so I packed for the trip with that in mind.

Even through the Portland drizzle, the photo shoot was going really well and we were having a blast. Toward the end, the photographer started pointing out the fact that we weren’t actually engaged and kind of heckled Dave for it. Having heard hundreds of comments like this before, I shot him a sarcastic comment also at Dave’s expense, something to the effect of, “Yeah, Dave, why AREN’T we engaged yet?!” Only this time, Dave didn’t fire back with an equally witty answer like the many times he had before. Instead, he asked if someone in the crowd had a ring we could borrow so that we could play the part of the engaged couple. From out of nowhere, my dear friend Shannon was there with a ring in her purse and it wasn’t just any ring; it was THE ring. After about two minutes of confusion and a hundred questions like “What’s going on, Dave?” and “Are you serious?” I finally realized that this was in fact the moment I had been waiting for my whole life. Soon after this the most joyous ugly-cry I’ve ever had started, Dave got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Seriously, best day ever. And, of course, there are photos to prove it!

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