Justin Sutherland of Handsome Hog

Photo by Caitlin Abrams

The Handsome Hog chef's competition will air July 8th. more


Jon Wipfli of The Minnesota Spoon with barbecue

Photo courtesy The Minnesota Spoon

The Minnesota Spoon just bought the Cadillac of BBQ trailers to launch some 'cue this summer. more


The neo-soul food restaurant is on the road to reality! more


The celebration of all things cold returns this year so that you might eat and drink your mittens off. more


Beef at StormKing

Photograph by Caitlin Abrams

Minnesota looks into the fire for our essential barbecue food. Here's where to find the best brisket in town. more

Eat & Drink

mn bbq page.jpg

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Kale Thome, longtime Travail star, is the fire behind a new BBQ spot, and you can get a sneak peek! more


The pizza king loves barbecue—so now he's making it himself. more


Father’s Day falls squarely in the middle of grilling season for a reason. Here are five great cuts to throw on the grill from five great local shops. more

Eat & Drink

Revival St. Paul is a bonanza for ’cue lovers in the #North. Here are some highlights. more

Eat & Drink

A big ol’ lip-smacking, 10-napkin love letter to the leaders of the Twin Cities’ Southern food moment. more

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