Check out Sameh Wadi's new seafood spot on Grand Avenue. more


Ramen from Ramen Kazama

Photos by Caitlin Abrams

In a month that often feels like winter’s hangover, we're heading to these local noodle haunts. more

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banana blossom salad at hai hai

Photo by Matt Lien

Chef Christina Nguyen finds her way to the Vietnamese table of her childhood—by way of Venezuela, Hola Arepa, and a good walkabout. more

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It's delicious. But what are we tipping on counter service? more

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Take a look inside the new St. Paul outpost of Kyatchi, which took over the Tanpopo spot in Lowertown. more


The Hassun course at Kado No Mise

Photography by Wing Ta

With Kado No Mise and Kaiseki Furukawa we have a portal to the beautiful food of Tokyo. more

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Some of the best Minneapolis skyway sushi is tucked away in the Baker Center. more


Japanophiles will be pleased with this tribute to Tokyo's traditional Edomae sushi. more

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Masu has upped their robata game, folks—squid eaters get on it! more


Chef Shigeyuki Furukawa has opened the first phase of his new Japanese restaurant in the North Loop. more


Head to this skyway spot for some of the best tom kha soup in Minneapolis. more

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Let's dig deep and find some deliciousness in the Habitrail, shall we? more


The pressed duck dinner special at Meritage.

Photograph by Caitlin Abrams

Four trends that will shape how you eat this year. more

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Bangkok Thai Deli's sibling ends service next week. more

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