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From the archives, we've dug up our August 1980 State Fair cover story. How much has truly changed? (Not the fashion, of course.) Read more

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A Wrongful Death

Illustration by Michelle Chang

The O.J. Simpson trial seemed like an aberration. How could a man be found responsible for the death of his wife and then allowed to go free? It happened in Hudson, Wisconsin. Read more

Arts & Culture

The Ghost of the (Old) Guthrie

Original illustration by Darcy Myers

When one Guthrie Theater usher left this world, some say, his spirit stayed on. Read more

Arts & Culture

four divorce lawyers

Photography by Joel Larson

In style, these four top Twin Cities divorce lawyers range from practical to predatory. Read more

Arts & Culture

Nights of the Living Dead

Illustration by Tom R. Garrett

There were plenty of unpleasantries on St. Paul's Pleasant Avenue in 1911, when a moustached ghost made life miserable for a widow and her family. Read more

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