Amy Kristin Sanders


A Bit about Us:

Kevin and I went to high school together outside St. Louis. Kevin ran cross-country and track while I managed the teams and worked on the yearbook. Suffice it to say, the love connection was rather one-sided back then. Kevin majored in mining engineering and worked all across the country after college. Once I finished college, I headed straight to law school. After I finished my Ph.D., I accepted a job at the University of Minnesota. Little did I know that Kevin was also in the Twin Cities when I started at the U. After completing his MBA at Indiana, Kevin was working on a consulting project here in the Twin Cities. But, we wouldn't cross paths until we both returned home to St. Louis for Thanksgiving in 2008. From that point on, it seemed we were a perfect fit. Since then, we've traveled to more than 20 states and 2 countries in four years, including a 6,005-mile road trip in my Toyota Corolla. If you can manage that as a couple, anything is possible.

Engagement Story:

After nearly four years of being together, perhaps the biggest surprise came when we told our friends and family that we had decided to get married. Our parents had pretty much accepted that the Big Day would never come, and we'd finally managed to convince our friends that our relationship was the real deal. For those who know our relationship mantra of "No Drama," the story of how we got engaged will scream Kevin and Amy because there were no special plans, no romantic proposals and no tear-streaked cheeks.

Instead, Kevin and I had been enjoying one of our favorite red wines (Coppola's Alicante Buschet) after what had seemed like a really long day. I was in the middle of the tenure process at the U, and Kevin had been the ultimate champ at supporting me through the ups and downs. If I recall correctly (we'd had a bit of wine), the topic of marriage came up rather off-handedly. But, I think we both realized at that point that we'd had 4 amazing years together. I do remember saying that if I couldn't make a marriage work with Kevin, there was no one that I would be able to tolerate for my entire life. I know, I know. How romantic!

The Big Day:

If you haven't guessed by now, we love to travel. So, a destination wedding seemed the obvious choice. But, it took a bit to decide where we wanted to go. Once we decided to get married, we went old-school and threw our gnarled Rand McNally atlas down on the living room floor to look for a place that meant something special to both of us. Foreign countries would require some attendees to get passports. The time change to Hawaii is hellish for anything less than 10 days. After ruling out a number of possibilities, I realized that Kevin wanted to get married near the mountains, and I wanted to get married near water. We decided on South Lake Tahoe, a gorgeous venue that offers both mountains and water. During our monster road trip, we had stopped there during the spring shoulder season to find a peaceful little ski town with gorgeous vistas. We are certain it will be equally perfect for a September wedding.

Amy's wedding in South Lake Tahoe didn't go to plan, but through good family and friends, the wedding turned out better than planned. more

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