• Family Friendly

    Photos by Kim Cornelison

    Modern Americana

    A newly built home in Lake Elmo blends rustic qualities with a sense of refined restraint. It also has a few unexpected turns, including a “rainbow room,” requested by the couple’s 6-year-old, that Mom and Dad could live with, too. Read more

  • Dining Room

    Photos by Spacecrafting

    Tailor Made

    Classic forms finished with dressmaker-like details give this newly built condo its timeless appeal. Read more

  • Living Room

    Photos by Chad Holder

    This (Old) New House

    Layers of bright color create the perfect backdrop for family life while preserving—and even enhancing— the architectural beauty of an early 20th-century Prairie-style home. Read more

  • Living Room

    Photos by Steve Henke

    Reading Nature

    Sustainable design, building, and landscaping choices shape a new home on Minnetonka's Libbs Lake. Read more

  • capemanycolors.jpg

    Cape of Many Colors

    Interior designer Lucy Penfield brings her signature style of colorful layers, playful twists on tradition, and sassy surprises to a new Cape Dutch home near Lake Minnetonka. Read more

  • Storybook Cottage

    Photo by Spacecrafting

    Once Upon a Time

    After years of trying on houses that were too new or too big, this family of four created a storybook cottage that is just right. Read more


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