Brand to Watch: Oliver Cabell

Christopher Straub, the salesman

"Project Runway" designer Christopher Straub was a popular guy at the MNFashion Week Charmed Life event tonight at International Market Square. Read More


Charmed Life

Another  MNFashion Week event, another cool crowd peppered with designers, stylists, models and generally fashionable people like MPLSART director Emma Berg (pictured) in a Max Lohrbach creation from Design Collective. Read More


Coco & Lolly

Since there seems to be no end to our appetite for accessories, women's chain New York & Company wanted in on the action. Read More


The sale announcement you've been waiting for

Every year around this time, the inquiries start to come in: "Do you know when the Thymes Warehouse Sale is happening?" Indeed I do. Read More


Low-down on the newspaper dress challenge

Read More


Floating heels hit the suburbs

You've seen them in magazines and probably figured the preposterous heel-less heel would never make it off the pages. Read More


I'm a Jenny?!

By Sunday afternoon, the day the "Gossip Girl"-inspired Anna Sui for Target collection officially debuted in select stores, sizes were picked over (is everyone a medium?).  Read More

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