The Best Athleta Sale Ever

Where Geek Girls and Shop Girls collide

Technology experts Meghan Wilker and Nancy Lyons of the Geek Girls Guide entered the FM107 studio for our Shop Girls radio interview pecking away at their iPhones.  Read More


What I found at Galleria before 8 a.m.

Nothing like a little early morning gift buying competition for Fox 9 News to get the shopping started before sunrise. Read More


Online retail holiday deadlines: real, and less so

Read More


Hanukkah bath bombs

Amid all the red and green, LUSH is throwing the Hanukkah crowd a bone. Make that, a bomb. Read More


Beauty Clunkers is a winner

So let me get this straight: StormSister Spatique in St. Paul is inviting women to bring the contents of their beauty junk drawer to the store.  Read More


Genius: The fitting room closet

It's never made any sense that stores anxious to sell lots and lots of clothes furnish their fitting rooms with two lousy hooks. Read More


Shopping with a CK model

Calvin Klein model Will Defiel has lived in Minnesota his entire life, but he had never shopped at the Galleria. A Galleria virgin! Read More

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