Wrigley McDevitt Photography

Wrigley McDevitt Photography

Photographer and self-confessed romantic Barbara Wrigley McDevitt believes quality wedding imagery requires technical skill and the ability to connect with couples on an emotional level—fortunately she’s an expert at both, which is evident in her beautiful photos.


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From Wrigley McDevitt Photography

Barbara Wrigley McDevitt is an award-winning photographer and owner of Wrigley McDevitt Photography.  
Wrigley McDevitt’s unique artistic approach blends a strong sense of composition and lighting with a taste for fine art colors and textures.  Her philosophy is that photographing weddings is a responsibility that requires more than just simply documenting the events of the day.  Recording beautiful, heartfelt memories requires not only technical skill but also insight, intuition and the ability to connect with the bride and groom on a very basic emotional level.  When those elements are present, when the couple truly allows the camera into their lives, unforgettable imagery follows.