Sara & Tom Pelissero: Keeping It Personal

From original music to familiar faces, Sara and Tom incorporated plenty of personal touches in their May 2012 wedding.


By the time Sara and Tom Pelissero got engaged, they had seen a lot of weddings. And they were determined for theirs to stand out. “We went to 20 weddings in two summers,” Sara says. “After that, we just wanted to do something really different. We wanted to make our wedding unique and special to both of us with lots of personal touches.”

The first step was picking a venue: Minneapolis City Hall. “We thought it would be a really interesting space, and we hadn’t been to a wedding there,” Sara says. “We also wanted to make everything easy for our guests, so we decided to have both the ceremony and reception there.”

Sara and Tom went to great lengths to make their ceremony feel as personal as possible. They chose vendors they had heard of or knew personally. “We wanted to eliminate as many strangers as possible,” Sara says. A family friend performed the ceremony, and Sara walked down the aisle to a song Tom wrote for her.

It was an emotional day for Sara’s mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly before the wedding. That’s why Sara made sure to spend quality time with her mom on the big day. “When I was getting ready, I asked that it just be the two of us that put on my dress,” Sara says. “I really wanted to share that moment with just her. It was extremely wonderful and so emotional.”

Sara and Tom took advice from friends and family to make time for themselves on their wedding day. That’s why they opted for a two-person head table rather than sitting with the bridal party. “We were able to separate ourselves for a bit, take some time together, and really enjoy the night,” Sara says.

Looking back on the experience, Sara has one piece of advice for brides-to-be: “Spread things out during the planning process,” she says. “Get things checked off your list as early as you can. It gets really stressful and expensive at the end, but it’s 100 percent worth it.”



•Wedding date: May 19, 2012
•Location: Minneapolis City Hall -
•Attire: Bride’s dress from the Wedding Shoppe -, groom’s attire from JoS. A. Bank-
•Desserts: Cupcakes from Cocoa & Fig
•Flowers: I Do Flowers -
•Photography: Lucky Penny Photo -
•Videography: Red 23 Films -