Which Stores Have the Best Perks?

Dozens of stores in town are vying for your registry affections, which means they’ll woo you with discounts and rewards.

Five of the better deals:

➺ Macy’s: With the Macy’s completion program, you get 10 percent off most remaining items on your registry for 90 days after your wedding. If you have a Macy’s credit card, the perks are even better: You can get monthly savings passes, 10 percent rewards on purchases you make, and 5 percent rewards on purchases your guests make from your registry. There’s also a new “Irresistible Proposals” package chock-full of discounts, such as 10 percent off furniture and 20 percent off luggage.

➺ Kohl’s: The home of Vera Wang’s Simply Vera line has one of the better completion discounts in town: You get a 15 percent discount on any items left on your registry for 90 days after your wedding. You can also get bonus gifts from certain brands, 10 percent rewards on registry items purchased by guests (for a maximum gift certificate of $200 at the end), and a 15 percent in-store coupon for guests buying $50+ gifts.

➺ Crate & Barrel: A 10 percent completion discount is pretty standard these days, but Crate & Barrel lets you apply it to items that aren’t on your registry, too—even furniture—so you can stock up for six months after your nuptials. You can also get bonus gifts from a variety of top brands.

➺ Pottery Barn/Williams-Sonoma: These partner stores offer a 10 percent completion discount for a full six months after your wedding, as well as bonus gifts from certain vendors. Plus, a unique perk: Gift cards you receive for one store are good for the other, too—as well as for furniture store West Elm.

➺ Herberger’s: When guests buy items from your registry, Herberger’s gives you money back: You get a gift card for 5 percent of cumulative sales at the end, so long as registry purchases top $1,000. There’s also a one-time 15 percent completion discount, plus a 10 percent coupon for guests.


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