Textures and Colors and Patterns, Oh My!

  • Sunshine circle ($25–$35), from Après Party and Tent Rental
  • St. John’s knit ($25), from Linen Effects
  • Charcoal Soutache ($55), from Linen Effects
  • Orchid Forest ($20), from Après Party and Tent Rental
  • Siberian Stitch ($25), from Linen Effects
  • Chateau ($22), from Après Party and Tent Rental

Gone are the days of white tablecloths. Weddings today are all about the linens, especially ones that make a statement. Before delving too far into your plans, consider meeting with a pro from rental companies such as Linen Effects or Après Party and Tent Rental to find a fabric that resonates with your personal style. Having a color palette and a pattern that matches your wedding vision will make those key decisions such as invitations, bridesmaid dresses, and florals a whole lot easier. Plus, what’s prettier than a room full of rich fabric (other than you, of course)?