Take a Number: Table Numbers With Personality

  • Cirque du Seat
    Enhance your wedding’s décor with table names and designs that reflect your theme. Circus-themed label and stand, from Beau Papier.
  • Chalk One Up
    Teach your guests a lesson in creativity with crafty chalkboards. Chalkboard, from MiMi Design.
  • Message on a Bottle
    Allow your guests to toast the newlyweds over a bottle of wine that doubles as a table number. Cheers to you—and everyone else. Wine label, from MiMi Design
  • Nod to Nature
    Calling all nature lovers. This birch holder and Lake Minnetonka sign adds a rustic effect while keeping it pretty and personal. Birch tree holder and Lake Minnetonka sign, from MiMi Design
  • One if by Land
    Planning a trendy event? Be sure to include a lantern, which is currently the most coveted wedding accoutrement. Lantern, from Après Party and Tent Rental.
  • Showtime
    Why use a number when you have your favorite shows to guide the way? Find a topic you both love and let variations of that set the seating stage. Playbill, from MiMi Design.
  • Spin You Round
    If you and your groom love to groove, let the music move you to use a table number your guests will never forget. Record, from MiMi Design.
  • Cut It Out
    Laser cutting is all the rage in paper trends this year. Keep your table numbers current with this cutting-edge design. Laser-cut number and tree holder, from Watermark Stationery.
  • Paint by Numbers
    For tradition with a twist, paint your numbers on wooden blocks that match the theme of your wedding—they’ll blend without being boring. Painted wooden number, from Paperista.
  • Burning Love
    There’s nothing more romantic than a candlelit evening. Enhance your setting with table numbers that create an illuminating glow. Etched glass canister, from MiMi Design.
  • What’s Your Sign?
    For a hip twist to your décor, use readerboard digits to designate your tables. Bonus: They’re cheap and easy to find. Sign numbers, from MiMi Design.
  • Mail It In
    Who would have thought that address numbers could make such a catchy addition? It sounds so easy but looks so hip. Address numbers, from MiMi Design.

Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to planning a wedding—and table numbers are no exception. Tented cards and simple stands are a thing of the past; the table numbers of today boast details that pack some serious personality.