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Spruce Flowers & Home
Photo By Wing Ta of Canary Grey photography

With the arrival of Spruce Flowers & Home, 50th & France cements its status as a one-stop shop for brides. You can order invitations, find rings, buy dresses and tuxedos, get primped and pampered, set up a gift registry, pick out underpinnings for the honeymoon, and now order the flowers—without moving your car. And these aren’t just any flowers.

Spruce, which maintains its original location at 48th and Chicago in Minneapolis, is known for its clean, modern designs and inventive alternatives to the standard roses and lilies, including kale, dahlias, and thistle.

There are plenty of reasons to keep visiting Spruce after the wedding, too. The crisp white storefront is filled with cut flowers, cool vessels, and imaginative ways to green your space. And Spruce delivers: Ask about setting up weekly or monthly custom in-home arrangements.

—Allison Kaplan

4940 France Ave. S.,
Edina, 612-767-1101,