Beyond the Blooms

Your big day décor is a direct reflection of your taste. Make a statement with centerpieces that wow and tablescapes that are dressed to impress.

  • Beyond the Blooms: elegant tablescape
    Becca Sabot
    Elegant tablescape by Jackie Just, owner of Just Bloomed.
  • Beyond the Blooms: whimsical tablescape
    Becca Sabot
    Whimsical tablescape by Russell Toscano, owner of Wisteria Design Studio.
  • Beyond the Blooms: romantic tablescape
    Becca Sabot
    Romantic tablescape by Madee Wilton, owner of Magnolia and Twig.
  • Beyond the Blooms: funky tablescape
    Becca Sabot
    Funky tablescape by Liz Bastian and Heidi Skoog, owners of Bastian + Skoog.
  • Beyond the Blooms: vintage tablescape
    Becca Sabot
    Vintage tablescape by Lisa Roy, owner of Flora Bella.


Jackie Just, owner of Just Bloomed, exudes grace and style, so it’s no wonder that her purple, silver, and white tablescape radiated romance and elegance. Just took her inspiration from the linens for this rich, classic look. “I was instantly drawn to the personality of the ornate silver linen,” she says. “I wanted to pair it with additional textures and soft florals.” Her delicate combination of white ranunculus, hydrangeas, and peonies is a lovely complement to the soft colors of amnesia roses, hellebores, and silver brunias. She added moss balls and mercury glass votives to create a setting that says, “I’ve got style, I’ve got grace, and I’m not afraid to get creative.” 5255 Chicago Ave. S., Mpls., 612-600-9033


There’s nothing ordinary about Russell Toscano, owner of Wisteria Design Studio—or his florals. Toscano is notorious for imaginative, beautiful, and elaborate designs. This tablescape is no exception. Après handcrafted the chair covers to accentuate the blush tones that permeate this setting. The soft pinks and mirror containers evoke a feeling of pure indulgence, while his use of cymbidium orchids, dahlias, hyacinth, and roses—displayed in an ombré setting from lightest to darkest—are perfect for the bride who wants it all. “It’s a feeling of more is more,” he says. “Pure self-indulgence.” 275 Market St., Ste. 50, 612-332-0633


There’s something undeniably sweet about mixing pastels with bright variations of the same hue. When you team a vibrant combination of ranunculus, freesia, roses, carnations, and calla lilies with an assortment of sterling silver and pearls, the result is a traditional yet dreamy look that is reminiscent of classic romance. That’s precisely the vision Madee Wilton, owner of Magnolia and Twig, had in mind when she crafted this tablescape. “I wanted to create a vintage, romantic, formal, and bright look that was fashion-forward for today’s bride-to-be.” Mission accomplished. 651-587-1533


Liz Bastian and Heidi Skoog like to make a statement. This arrangement is no exception. The inventive duo behind Bastian + Skoog wanted their setting to be graphic, with an obvious nod to disco. “We’ve been obsessed with neon colors lately, but we knew we’d need to dial it down for a wedding,” says Bastian. The team couldn’t resist Après’ fluorescent orange table linen, but they softened the look with a white paillette overlay and traditional blooms. The mix of garden roses, ranunculus, and carnations is great fun for the bride planning a fashionable evening that doubles as one heck of a party. 310 N. 2nd St., Mpls., 612-333-6450


Centerpieces aren’t always just about the flowers. Lisa Roy, owner of Flora Bella, was very deliberate when she chose the elements to create an organic setting with an eclectic twist. “Each piece was intentionally placed to create linear balance and periodic moments of rest for your eyes,” she says. Roy mixed vintage Italian compotes with gold-leaf accents and clear glass votives to create a unified look filled with striking components. She used orchids, echeveria blossoms, and draping amaranthus to add texture, while open spray roses added a romantic softness that makes this table airy yet unforgettable. 612-964-3802

With assistance from Rebecca Omastiak, Zoe Marin, Bethany Pamarlo, and Sheree Bochenek. Props and Décor provided by Après Party and Tent Rental. Additional chairs provided by Midway Party Rentals and BeThings.