Juicing 101

The Vacay from Truce, Cashew Dream from Zula, Juicy Roots from Juice So Good, and Green Juice from B
Photos by Becca Sabot
L to R: The Vacay | Cashew Dream | Juicy Roots | Green Juice

Cleanses can be intimidating. We get it: The lack of food paired with strangely colored juices is enough to warrant some concern. But before you dismiss the concept altogether, hear us out. Juicing’s smorgasbord of nutrients are a surprisingly filling way to keep you healthy and on track to wedded bliss. Bottoms up.

Don’t use it as a crash diet. The idea behind a juice cleanse is to give your digestive system a break and give your body vital nutrients it doesn’t have to break down and digest. Weight loss often comes along with a cleanse, but if not paired with an otherwise healthy lifestyle, it will not be maintained.

Plan your cleanse. Start eliminating bad foods a month before your wedding, then do a three- or five-day cleanse two to three weeks out. Ease back into a healthy diet the last week.


Get some friends on board. It’s always easier when you’ve got support. Enlist anyone who’s interested—attendants, mothers of the bride and groom, anyone really!—and make it fun to do it as a team.

You don’t have to do a full-on cleanse. If you’re dying to eat, try snacking on half an avocado, celery stalks, or some almonds. Or if you’re interested in the benefits of a cleanse but don’t want to quit meals altogether, try a juice ‘til dinner—consume juices all day but finish with a nutritious meal.

Consider the fresh factor. Cold-pressed juice is not pasteurized, so keeping it cold and drinking it within three days is crucial to maintain freshness and food safety. *Editor's note: Blueprint and Juice So Good use a process called High Pressure Pascalization (HPP) to allow the juices to last a few extra days in the refrigerator.

Where to get juiced!

BluePrint  | $65/day, from Whole Foods, and at blueprintcleanse.com

Juice So Good  | $48/day, from select CorePower studios, from the food truck, and at the new skyway cafe, 733 Marquette Ave., Ste. 227, Mpls., 612-354-2779, and at juicesogood.com

Truce  | $104/2 days, from Truce, 1428 W. 32nd St., Mpls., drinktruce.com

Zula  | $60/day, from Byerly's, 7171 France Ave., Edina, 952-346-9000, and at zulajuice.com