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Tie Up Loose Ends

Tie bars are classic and functional.

tie bars
Photo by Becca Sabot

GENTS, TAKE HEART— tie bars are one accessory made with just you in mind. Jason Hammerberg, owner of local menswear boutique Hammer Made, says that while tie bars aren’t a necessity, they are a classic way to finish your look. Plus, they’re functional.

“The idea behind the tie bar is to keep the tie close to the shirt, so it’s not going to dip into the soup, as it were,” says Vince Jenny, store manager of Heimie’s Haberdashery. Jenny encourages guys to consider tie bars for formal situations if they’re wearing a tie without a vest.

If saving your shirt and tie from a tomato bisque disaster isn’t reason enough to give the tie bar a shot, consider this: Tie bars make unique groomsmen gifts. And they will put you and your gents on par with the impeccably groomed guys on Mad Men as well as the dapper chest of Tom Brady.

Once you and your gents decide to raise the bar (pun intended) on your aisle style, you’ll want to be aware of its placement. Typically the tie bar should be worn just about where the breastbone is on an individual. If you’re rocking a two-button sport coat, placement should be about midway between the top button and the neck. The ultimate goal: to create balance with your ensemble.

And here’s a tip: No matter what you wear, save the tomato soup for after the pictures.

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