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Photo By Katherine Harris

We know it’s all about the dress, but what happens to that enchanted gown after your “I do” has been said and the honeymoon has been had? Before you even think about hanging it at the back of your closet, heed our advice and enlist the services of a wedding pro to get it cleaned and preserved. If you’re looking for a local option, Karen Boehne, owner of Wedding Gown Care Specialist, is your gal. She says invisible blights—such as those from white wine or sugar from cake—aren’t always treated by dry cleaners, leaving the stains to eventually brown or yellow over the years. Boehne knows better and treats the entire gown and not just specific spots. She also provides her brides with a museum-quality chest made of triple-layered, acid-free fiberboard of a corrugated construction, making the perfect keepsake for decades down the road when your daughter looks to you and your gown for her something borrowed. 9424 36th Ave. N., New Hope, 763-588-8030,

—Stephani Bloomquist