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Faux Glow

Get the natural sun-kissed look

Glow airbrush tanning

Wearing white is never easy—especially for those of us who don’t naturally bronze at the beach. And as much as we love a good tan towel, bronzing lotion, or spray tan booth, all run the risk of streaking, which is certainly not a look you want for your aisle style.

Cue Melanie Richards and her mobile airbrush tanning business, Glow, which makes wearing white easy. Richards comes to your door equipped to paint you with a sun-kissed shine that’s just right for your “I do” moment. She assembles a tent as she interviews you to find out the look you want: a light and natural glow? A deep bronze? Somewhere in between? Whatever you choose, her colors dry in seconds, so there are no stains or mess.

Richards takes extra care to contour arms, abs, and legs to add extra definition, and she goes light on hands, knees, and elbows, where too much color looks unnatural. The end result develops over the next 8 to 10 hours, but she recommends brides-to-be let it sit for 24 hours.

The color is so natural and even, you may want to consider a “tantini” gathering for your wedding party. At a discounted rate, Richards will meet you and your ladies two days before the wedding. Come the big day, you’ll be glowing—even more than expected.

$65 (or $45 per person for a group of two or more), 952-500-0458,