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Burn, Baby, Burn: Melt Inches Away Fast

Burn, Baby, Burn

A looming wedding is a powerful motivator—especially when it comes to slimming down and shaping up. But if you’ve been busting your butt and still can’t seem to shake those last few stubborn pounds, maybe it’s time to take a different tack. The Metropolitan in Edina offers a new laser therapy treatment that promises to help you lose that final inch or two before you say “I do.”

The Accent body contouring heat therapy system is a noninvasive laser therapy treatment, cleared by the FDA, that helps rid your body of excess fluids that build up in your cells and add volume. The Accent uses radio frequency to gently warm up, break up, and flush out said fluids to leave you looking and feeling leaner. The heat also promotes the creation of new collagen, resulting in smoother skin and reduced cellulite.

Radio Frequency flushes out fluids in the cells, making you look and feel leaner.

So what does this mean for you and your nearly aisle-ready abs or thighs? Once you pick the problem area you’d like to treat most—the thighs, seat, arms, and back are common target zones—you simply lie still while an aesthetician runs a laser over your skin to heat the water within your body. The treatment, which feels something like a hot stone massage, takes approximately 45 minutes, depending on the area that needs to be treated, and the results are instant. After the requisite series of sessions (most trouble areas require six to 12), those last irritating inches will be a thing of the past.

Aestheticians Amy Chapman and Nathan Jesh are happy to show potential clients before-and-after snapshots. Chapman, who lost one and a half inches from her waist after just one session, swears by it. Packages start at $549. 7300 France Ave. S., Ste. 300, Edina, 952-288-2230,