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Apply & Demand: Choosing a Hair and Makeup Artist

Apply & Demand: Choosing a Hair and Makeup Artist

While some brides leave it to the last minute, choosing a hair and makeup artist early is more important than you think. With the plethora of beauty services available, finding one you trust can be a bit overwhelming. Simply follow these guidelines and expert tips, and you’ll spend less time stressing and more time preparing to be pampered:

1. START EARLY—DON'T WAIT! “We would consider a ‘last-minute’ booking to be two to three months out," says longtime hair and makeup artist Brett Dorrian ( Once the big stuff—the venue, the photographer, and the florist—is booked, start making calls.

2. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Check out online reviews to get a feel for what’s out there. Bonus points for personal referrals. After perusing the website, the next step is picking up the phone or meeting in person for a chat, because . . .

3. PERSONALITY IS PARAMOUNT. “The person who does your makeup is the last person you’re probably going to be working with before you get into your dress, go down that aisle, and make the biggest commitment of your life,” points out makeup maven Maggie Long (

4. DON'T BE SCARED BY THE PRICE Think of your hair and makeup as an investment. Does it really make sense to spend all that money on a killer photographer and then skimp on what you look like in those photos? As Emily Koski of emily j. hair + makeup ( points out, “In the grand scheme of your wedding, it’s probably not even 1 percent of your budget.”

4. SPEAK UP If you don’t like something, your artist will likely appreciate the honesty rather than be offended. Keeping the lines of communication open is crucial in creating the look you envision. —S. A.