Askov Finlayson

Interior of Askov Finlayson
Photo by Caitlin Abrams
This achingly hip store completes a trifecta for the Brothers Dayton, Eric and Andrew, who also own and operate The Bachelor Farmer restaurant and uber-hot Marvel Bar in the same historic North Loop building. Named for neighboring Northern Minnesota towns that share an exit on Interstate 35, Askov Finlayson caters to the classically styled (emphasis on styled) man as well as contemporary design enthusiasts, with a smattering of apparel, jewelry, gifts, and home accessories from quality brands including Barbour and Wm. J. Mills & Co. There’s also a small selection of clothes for the ladies. North Loop shopping just keeps getting cooler.


Categories: Gifts

Type: Boutique

Consumer Types: Men

Neighborhood(s): Minneapolis, North Loop