Troy Michels

Co-Founder and CMO, resQwater

  • Photo by Becca Sabot; styling by Elizabeth Doyle
    My look — in three words? Denim, T-shirt, jacket. Oh, and sneakers, too.
  • Photo by Becca Sabot
    Bold Watch — An oversized bright red watch is an easy way to add a level of fun and colorto any look. Watch ($29.95), by Neff, from
  • Photo by Becca Sabot
    Baseball Cap — A summertime essential—especially turned backward. Hat ($28), by The Hundreds, from Cal Surf, 1715 W. Lake St., Mpls., 612-822-6840,
  • Photo by Becca Sabot
    Favorite T-shirt — Find one that fits, and then buy it in bulk. Shirts (starting at $30), by The Hundreds, also from Cal Surf
  • Photo by Becca Sabot
    resQwater — The anti-hangover drink was a necessity at Coachella, and it has been hailed by Vogue as a must-have for getting through Fashion Week. It’s sold online and heading to Minnesota soon.

Style Evolution: My style is a combination of streetwear basics with high-end or, more importantly, quality essentials. This evolved from living in places like Southern California, Seattle, and Whistler, British Columbia, and being inspired by companies that create an aspirational feeling around their brand and products naturally from within their culture. You can feel it, and you want to be a part of it.

Inspiration: My friends travel the world shooting photos, designing clothes, chasing waves and snow, and playing music, so I think I feed off the trends they are bringing to life without even knowing it.

Favorite Store: Target. (Editor’s note: Before his foray into the beverage industry, Michels led Target’s lifestyle marketing department and helped shape Target’s cool image. So, yeah . . . brand loyalty is good.)

Well Groomed: I see Eric Snyder at Winston’s in Uptown every Thursday.

Sneakers: For day, it’s NikeiD custom—all black. For a bit more dressed up, I typically go with a pair of Cr8recs.

On ladies: My wife looks good in everything, but my favorite thing on her—ski gear or a bikini.

Who’s a Daddy?: I have the easiest style for having a kid, so I don’t see it changing much. I’m excited to teach my son how to ski or snowboard—if he is down, of course. (The baby is due in July.)

Minnesota Style: What is with all the pleated pants? It seems like they only exist here. I would be fine with those going away.

Instagram: I was stuck on the Rise filter for a while, but now it’s all about Lo-fi. (Follow him: @resqwater.)

On Michels: Sneakers ($95), by Creative Recreation, from Journeys, Mall of America, 952-858-9923,; jeans ($69.99), by Volcom, from Cal Surf, 1715 W. Lake St., Mpls., 612-822-6840,; T-shirt ($18), from Oakley, Mall of America, 952-854-2007,; watch ($1,495), also from Oakley; vintage jacket; sunglasses ($395), from