Kris Naros

Founder and owner, Naros Law Co-founder, Juris divas.

  • Photos by Becca Sabot; Hair and makeup by Tia Cart
    ON Naros: Cardigan, by BEREK, from Neiman Marcus; top, from Chico’s; pants, by Ralph Lauren, from; shoes, by Enzo Angiolini, from Nordstrom; custom Juris Diva charm bracelet, from Bergstrom Jewelers
  • Photo by Becca Sabot
    Vintage Handbag
    This original Enid Collins bag reminds me of my mom, who always dressed impeccably. Similar styles (about $75), from
  • Photo by Becca Sabot
    A Spritz of Grace
    It smells fresh and clean. And who doesn’t want to be graceful? Amazing Grace ($42), by Philosophy, from Sephora
  • Photo by Becca Sabot
    An Element of Surprise
    I first discovered Calgon Morning Glory at Walgreens a decade ago. I put it on with Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, and my boyfriend at the time went wild! Calgon body mist ($6.99),
  • Photo by Becca Sabot
    Luscious Lipstick
    I love drugstore brand lipsticks because they stay on longer. Feline #385 ($7.99), by Cover Girl, from Walgreens
  • Photo by Becca Sabot
    Naros Law Water
    A girl needs to stay hydrated while dispensing justice. My tag-line on the label is “Compassion for you, passion for justice.”

"My courtroom must-haves? High heels, lipstick, and an attitude!"

A GIRL'S CLUB FOR LAWYERS: Long before Legally Blonde, a friend and fellow attorney, Carolyn Agin Schmidt, and I got fed up with the old boys’ club that permeates the legal field. We decided that if we couldn’t join them, we’d beat them at their own game. Thus was born the Juris Divas, a not-so-old girls’ club of more than 600 women lawyers and judges across Minnesota.

HER MISSION: The Juris Divas socialize, shop, and raise money for local nonprofits that benefit women and children. Of course, the male attorneys in town are a tad bit jealous. We’ve invited them to put on a fabulous pair of stilettos and join us, but so far, no takers. Go figure!

DIVA STYLE: Preppy classic elegance with a flair, a wink, and a bit of whimsy. Call it Ralph Lauren with a dash of Betsey Johnson for good measure.

HAIRSTYLIST: The hair goddess— Carol Stangler at Tribeca Salon in Edina.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE STORE: The original Neiman Marcus in Dallas is hard to beat. Here in the Twin Cities, Young Quinlan was the most lovely store, beyond any shopping experience that exists today. I wish some of the refined elegance could be brought back.

TOP SHOPS: Every store at the Galleria. I could spend entire days there, going from store to store, stopping only to refresh at Crave mid-mall.

INSPIRATION: Joel Osteen from Lakewood Church in Houston. Very uplifting, positive messages—but not too preachy—about how to be a good person, to strive to be the best you can be in all things, to work hard to help those less fortunate who trust and count on you, to be kind to everyone, and to count your blessings every day. You know, the basics.