Amanda Christine

Amanda Christine has surpassed the label of “Minnesota designer.”

Amanda Christine

Fashion designer Amanda Christine Natzel launched her own line right out of design school at St. Catherine University—to gain the experience she thought she needed to get hired in the fashion industry.

Either she underestimated her ability to create a fashion brand on her own, or she overachieved. Regardless, Natzel, now six years into the business, has surpassed the label of “Minnesota designer.” Her collection, which is entirely produced in the Midwest, has been sold in more than 30 boutiques nationwide, as well as Canada and Japan. It’s been well received locally at Drama, Arafina, and Cliche.

“I think I’ve done better being from Minnesota,” Natzel theorizes. “If I was in L.A., I’d get lost with all the other designers.”

For her upcoming fall/winter collection, Natzel says she was craving dresses in black, brown, and Bordeaux. One of the highlights is the cozy-chic “Cocoon” dress with a connected belt for a flattering shape.

See the new collection in stores in October.