Road Trip!

These accessories are sure to facilitate a stylish road trip

  • Pack Weekend bag ($125), by Flaunt by Faith Nicole, from General Store of Minnetonka
  • Clean up: A new study from the University of
    London’s Queen Mary finds that steering wheels are dirtier than toilet seats. This UV-C light wand will kill germs, deodorize, & sanitize most surfaces. CleanWave sanitizing wand ($69.95), by Verilux
  • Dress comfy, look cute Shirt ($119), by Crème Fraiche, from Judith McGrann & Friends
  • Pedal to the metal Suede driving moccasin ($430), by Car Shoe, from Pumpz & Co.
  • Mask car hair Fedora ($38), by Echo, also from Judith McGrann & Friends
  • Tune in (or out) Snug headband headphones ($59.99), by Philips-O’Neill, from Best Buy
  • Conversation starters Family Talk ($9.99), by Around the Table, from Creative Kidstuff
  • Play Traffic Safety or Interstate Highway bingo ($1.99 each), by Regal Games, also from General Store of Minnetonka
  • Snack time! On-the-go stackable snack dispenser ($14.99) by Zoli, from Pacifier
  • Take a nap Travel Buddies plush neck pillow (14.95), by Noodle Head, also from General Store of Minnetonka

The cabin awaits, but first you have to get there. Here’s how to plan for a smooth ride with the family.

• General Store of Minnetonka, 14401 Hwy. 7, Minnetonka, 952-935-7131, • Judith McGrann & Friends, 4615 Excelsior Blvd., St. Louis Park, 612-922-2971, • Pumpz & Co., Galleria, 952-926-2252, • Creative Kidstuff, 7 metro locations including Shops at West End, St. Louis Park, 952-540-0022, • Best Buy, 19 metro locations including 1000 W. 78th St., Richfield, 612-861-3917, • Pacifier, 310 Hennepin Ave. E., Mpls., 612-623-8123; Gaviidae Common, 612-767-6330,