Pumped for Pastels

From cotton candy pink to mint green, we’re eating it up.

  • Nailed It Give the Morticia polish a rest and choose a sheer shade for spring. Pastel polishes ($8 each), by essie, from drugstores
  • Timeless A rose-colored watch is a subtle nod to the trend that won’t go out of style. Plated stainless steel watch ($125), from Fossil
  • Color Contained Shabby-chic painted Mason jars make creative vessels. Mason jars ($5 for quart, $4 for pint), by Beach Blues, from
  • Pretty Plumage Add some zing with hand-painted tribal earrings. Faux leather feather earrings ($19.80), by Takora Sexton, from
  • Chic Confections A treat to match the mood. Who doesn’t coordinate dessert with their dress? Macarons ($1.50 each), from Cocoa & Fig
  • For the Men Nothing’s manlier than a guy willing to wear pastels. Silk tie ($59.50), from Hammer-Made
  • Work of Art Contrasting a soft floral with black is très chic. Silk blouse ($330), by ALC, from Bumbershute
  • Slide One On They’re as comfy as they are cute. You’ll be amazed by how well a pop of pastel will work with both neutrals and color. Natalia ballet flats ($74), by Toms, from Nordstrom
  • Coral Kisses A coral lip is vivid yet versatile. Wear it with warm or cool colors. Reel Sexy lipstick ($14.50), from MAC
  • Spring Statement Colored denim is the must-have of the season, in brights or pastels. Mid-rise skinny jeans ($170), by J Brand, from Bluebird Boutique

Easter has come and gone, but its basket of candy-coated colors is sticking around for the season. Soft shades are so fresh for both dress and décor. From cotton candy pink to mint green, we’re eating it up.